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Is Irregular Menstruation Associated With Blocked Fallopian Tubes?



Many women have irregular menstruation, but they all take it for granted that irregular menstruation is just an insignificant thing. So there are a lot of women who lose sight of the underlying crisis of irregular menstruation. 


Non-pregnant women who have been married for years are often diagnosed with obstruction of fallopian tubes, which is a major cause of irregular menstruation.


The blocked fallopian tubes prevent the egg and sperm from meeting, and of course, from fertilizing and forming an embryo. In fact, fallopian tube and ovary are adjacent, and general fallopian tube disease does not affect the function of the ovary or the number of the menstrual volume. 


Only when some inflammations cause damage to ovarian function, will abnormal menstruation appear. Epimenorrhea and excessive menstrual flow are the most common situation, which may be the result of pelvic congestion and ovarian dysfunction. In addition, some phenomena,  including uterine fibrosis and subinvolution of uterus caused by chronic inflammation and abnormal uterine position caused by adhesions, can lead to menorrhagia. 


If a woman has irregular menstrual symptoms, she must pay attention to that. Besides, abdominal pain, dysmenorrhea and other early symptoms can also help us discover fallopian tube diseases. 


The fallopian tube diseases vary among people, and the female needs to do a regular examination of the uterine tubal attachment in the daily routine. What’s more, severe obstruction of fallopian tubes can lead to leucorrhea increasing, sexual life pain, gastrointestinal discomfort, fatigue, mental nerve symptom and mental depression, which need to be taken seriously.


You should not relax your vigilance and think your fallopian tube is not abnormal if there are no relevant symptoms in your body. Usually, some problems don’t have obvious symptoms at an early stage. So regular examination is conducive to discovery and prevention. 


Once blocked fallopian tubes are confirmed. active treatment should be necessary. Herbal medicine Fuyan Pill developed by Dr. Lee Xiaoping can be a better option. It works to unblock the tubes, eliminate blood stasis, and wipe out the toxins, so as to restore your reproductive system. 


In addition, exercise is necessary to improve physical fitness, promote blood circulation, reduce the incidence of diseases, improve the body's immunity. Doing some physical exercise regularly can avoid the impact of external factors and internal causes of reproductive system disease.

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