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What Exercises Are Useful For The Treatment Of Blocked Fallopian Tubes?

Blocked Fallopian tubes is a common fallopian tube disease, usually diagnosed by salpingography. It will make the fallopian tubes less able to move around and even unable to collect and transport eggs. So in this case, can patients do exercise to improve the blocked fallopian tubes?


Experts say that they can do more aerobic exercise, especially rope skipping and sit-up. Rope skipping is good for the fallopian tubes. The body can shake up and down when doing rope skipping, which can also shake the internal organs, such as the uterus and the surrounding ligaments. 
It acts as a massage and can effectively prevent an ectopic pregnancy. What's more, it helps the egg smoothly move and accurately enter the fallopian tube, increasing the chances of conception.
Experts stressed that patients need to consider many ways to enhance their physique. Jogging, push-up, and radio gymnastics are recommended as well. Especially for white-collar women, physical exercise is necessary, which can promote blood circulation and prevent the occurrence of blocked fallopian tubes. They should also avoid stay up late and improve their diet to enhance their immunity.
Besides, if you are undergoing drug therapy, auxiliary exercise therapy can be doubly beneficial. Herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is of great help to treatment of female fallopian tube diseases. It can kill bacteria, reduce inflammation and regulate menstruation. It can effectively treat the blocked fallopian tubes caused by pelvic inflammation and other inflammations.
In fact, proper exercise has always been a way to ensure good health, so female friends who often sit in front of the computer should get up and move around, and don't let the lack of exercise harm your reproductive organs. However, general exercise can only play a supplementary role, and cannot completely cure the disease. The blockage is mainly treated by surgery. The common ways are as follows.
1. Some slightly blocked fallopian tubes can be dredged by hydrotubation.
2. For patients with a blocked tubal umbrella, laparoscopic oviduct ostomy can be performed.
3. For patients with tubal interstitial or ampulla blockage, laparoscopic oviduct dredging is needed.
In addition, female personal habits in daily life can also have an impact on the treatment. Good living habits can prevent the disease and play a significant role in recovery.
1. Eat and live healthily.
Greasy or Fried foods can directly invade the uterus and fallopian tubes, causing blockages. Women should eat more fruits and vegetables. Drinking green tea can effectively help wash the body's oil.
2. Pay attention to personal hygiene.
Women need to clean their genitals every day and change their underwear frequently. They should keep their towels and washbasins separate from others. Otherwise, it will be easy to cause cross-infection.
3. Sex life should be moderate and hygienic.
When having sex, it's easy to bring outside bacteria and viruses into a woman's vagina and cause blocked fallopian tubes. Men and women should be thoroughly washed before having sex, to maintain the best quality of sex life.
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