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Can Moxibustion Treat Blocked Fallopian Tubes?



The fallopian tubes can transport eggs, which are important for pregnancy. So it can be difficult for female patients with blocked fallopian tubes to conceive.

The common causes of the disease are inflammations or inflammation of the pelvic area that infects the fallopian tubes. Female physiological structures are complex and they are at higher risk of infection and inflammation. 
Herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can effectively kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses and is a good treatment of inflammation in the cervix, uterus, pelvic cavity, ovary and other areas. So it can be used to help unclog the fallopian tubes.
TCM has a long history of treating gynecological diseases. In addition to using herbs, moxibustion is also a common method. It is an important way to prevent and cure diseases in ancient times and is regarded as a cultural treasure of traditional medicine. Moxibustion has a good effect on improving the cold and wet constitution of women. No matter what causes blocked fallopian tubes, they can try moxibustion.
Moxibustion is used to make up the yang, and many problems caused by cold and dampness can be controlled by sufficient yang. What's more, moxibustion has a great anti-inflammatory effect. When the fallopian tubes are blocked, the acupuncture points treated by moxibustion include Shenque point, Guanyuan point, Zigong point, Guilai point, Mingmen, Baliao, Zhongwan and Sanyinjiao.
Every point should be treated by moxibustion for half an hour, and moxibustion should be used for about 2 hours each day. You may get inflamed if you use it too long. In the process of moxibustion, there may be a variety of problems. So patients need to understand some precautions related to moxibustion and receive appropriate treatment depending on their situation.
Do not touch cold water 2 hours after moxibustion. It is because the pores of the body are open after moxibustion, and it is easy to let cold-evil get into the body. It is better to take a bath in 2 hours after moxibustion.
Moxibustion can play the role of warming the meridians and activating the collaterals, but it's usually an adjuvant treatment of blocked fallopian tubes. Female patients mainly get treated with surgery or medication. Blocked fallopian tubes can cause infertility and women who want to become pregnant should get treated as soon as possible. There are several things women need to pay attention to in daily life.
1. Undergo regular gynecological examinations.
Many gynecological problems will affect the health of fallopian tubes. Women cannot ignore the regular examination before getting pregnant.
2. Pay attention to sexual hygiene.
Unclean sex life will lead to many gynecological diseases, so women should attach importance to sexual hygiene. They should keep a regular sexual partner, and both men and women should wash their genitals before having sex. Women have to avoid sexual life during menstruation. Once there are abnormal phenomena related to your period, you should go to the hospital and check in time. 
3. Avoid abortion surgery.
Blocked fallopian tubes may be caused by previous multiple or irregular abortion surgeries. Therefore, it is recommended that you should avoid abortion surgery, or you can go to the normal hospital if you must.
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