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Is Surgical Treatment A Must For Patients With Blocked Fallopian Tubes?


The fallopian tube has been known as the bridge of life, which is the place where sperm and egg meet. It also carries the fertilized egg to the uterus for implantation. No doubt, healthy and unclogged Fallopian tubes are needed for women who want to be mothers.
Clinically, 40% to 60% of infertility cases in women are caused by fallopian tube problems, such as tubal obstruction, adhesion and hydrosalpinx. Many infecund patients with blocked fallopian tubes wonder if they can cure the disease by taking medicine or is surgery necessary? 
Can medication treat blocked fallopian tubes?
Most tubal diseases follow inflammatory infections, especially pelvic inflammatory disease. In general, antibiotics can be used to treat inflammation. Herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can also play an anti-inflammatory role in treating blocked fallopian tubes. What's more, it has no drug resistance and can effectively eliminate pain and improve woman's menstruation.
If you get treated in time, medication is an appropriate option. However, if the fallopian tubes have developed substantial lesions, you need timely surgery to prevent further aggravation. 
Surgeries for blocked fallopian tubes
Before choosing a specific surgical procedure, the hysterosalpingogram is needed to determine the location and extent of the fallopian tube lesions. Doctors need to find out whether it is a proximal or distal obstruction, and whether there is hydrops. Surgeries, including salpingostomy, salpingoplasty, salpingectomy and ligation, may be performed according to the patient's condition.
However, tubal ligation and resection are merely suitable for severe hydrosalpinx. If the tubal structures are seriously damaged, related surgeries may be not useful. Sometimes you need to bypass the fallopian tubes to get pregnant, then in vitro fertilization can be recommended.
There is a symptom you may have, which is that one side of the fallopian tubes is unclogged and the other side of it is blocked. Is surgery necessary in this case? 
Doctors point out that if the ovaries are functioning well, a woman's pregnancy rate will be reduced by 50% in a situation like this. That means you still have a chance to get pregnant, but you are prone to have an ectopic pregnancy. Female friends can try to conceive without treatment. If you can't get conceived for half a year, you can choose medication or surgery based on your condition.
Besides, developing good living habits and eating habits can help you prevent some diseases in the reproductive system and improve you physical health to conceive better. You should avoid alcohol and smoke, and eat more fruits and vegetables. Don't stay up late, and always keep a good mind. After all, a relaxed mindset is more conducive to pregnancy than a stressed one.
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