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Can Blocked Fallopian Tubes Be Solved By Traditional Chinese Medicine?

 Many women who have been married for two years without getting pregnant are found to have blocked fallopian tubes. This is a common disease in female friends and also one of causes for female infertility. 

Common causes of blocked fallopian tubes are a number of disease factors and human behaviors. Pelvic inflammatory disease and salpingitis caused by induced abortion can cause pelvic peritonitis and block the fallopian tubes. For women with a requirement of having a kid, they should solve the block fallopian tubes as soon as possible. 
Can traditional Chinese medicine be helpful?
By contrast with western medicines, which mainly involve antibiotics and usually are used to reduce inflammation in fallopian tubes, traditional Chinese medicine is mainly used for anti-inflammatory and damping-clearing treatment, and there are many herbal medicines featuring promoting blood circulation, clearing away heat, detoxifying and removing blood stasis.
In usual cases, Fuyan Pill developed by Dr. Lee Xiaoping's TCM Clinic, can effectively treat the blockage caused by inflammation. Besides, it can improve the immunity and self-healing ability, making female friends more likely to have a healthy baby. To better exert the effect of the pill, a long-term medicine is necessary and important. At the same time, female patients should pay attention to the intake of nutrients and personal hygiene in daily life.
When the blocked fallopian tubes become more serious than before due to the lack of timely treatment, the drugs will relatively make no difference. Since the fallopian tubes are usually located in the deeper part of the pelvic cavity, it is difficult for the drugs to penetrate the organic lesions. 
Hence, in this situation, both Chinese and Western medicine are unable to achieve the therapeutic purpose. Patients need to take surgical treatment under the guidance of the doctor, or try to get pregnant through assisted reproductive technology, such as IVF.
If you don’t know whether your infertility is caused by blocked fallopian tubes, it is recommended to check in time in the hospital. Doctors will do salpingography examination to understand the location and degree of the blockage in fallopian tubes.
Commonly, it is suggested that patients can take several months of herbal medicine Fuyan Pill to regulate their inflammation. If there is no change or improvement in half a year, laparoscopic surgery or laparotomy can be considered to avoid influencing pregnancy.
Doctors emphasize that female friends with blocked fallopian tubes should also pay attention to strengthening exercise, to enhance the body resistance. They need to make a suitable diet for themselves and avoid alcohol, tobacco and stimulating foods.
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