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Why Are The Female Fallopian Tubes Always Blocked? Both The Couple Should Take It Seriously

Ms Reynolds and her husband have no children since they got married. Two years later, they have tried many times but nothing has happened. She once thought it was associated with her fallopian tubes or ovary. In fact, having no children is not just a woman's problem, for which the man should also take the blame. Finally, the examination result shows, it is related to the husband poor spermatozoon quality, which should be taken carefully.

Obviously, infertility has become relatively common these days. Although many people think it's an obscure and shamefaced topic, it's still a problem that many couples should deal with together. Among the causes of infertility in women, the problems of the fallopian tube are more prominent,  among which the blocked fallopian tubes get more attention. In this case, the female should reflect on their daily behaviors while the male has to take the sexual life seriously. 
There are usually three common causes of blocked fallopain tubes in female.
1. Frequent miscarriages and inadequate care for women
Frequent miscarriages are rather harmful to woman's body, which can seriously damage the uterus and lead to blocked fallopian tubes with varying degrees. In general, not being ready to have children is a major reason of miscarriage. So when having sexual intercourse, contraception measures should be noticed for both men and women. Besides, many women do not receive proper health care after miscarriage, leading to fallopian tube infections, which can result in infertility. 
2. Having sex during female menstruation
This is a very important cause of blocked fallopian tubes. In fact, many women are not willing to have sex during menstruation. But there are always some men who have no idea about it or just want to have sexual intercourse. Actually, it is not suggested to have sexual intercourse three days before and after menstruation, since bacteria can get a chance into the female body and cause a variety of gynecological inflammations. In this case, blocked fallopian tubes may be induced by inflammations.
3. The male pays less attention to personal hygiene
When the female pays less attention to personal hygiene, gynecological inflammations will easily occur. For married females, the males' personal hygiene is also related to gynecological diseases, including blocked fallopian tubes. During sexual life, if men don't pay attention to personal hygiene, cross-infection can occur unconsciously. As for the males, condoms are the most useful option for the prevention of diseases and pregnancy. So male friends should take it seriously.
When the blocked fallopian tubes occurs, both the husband and wife should unite as one in the face of the disease. For the female, getting treated in time is the most important thing. Commonly, herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is a great choice to solve inflammations that cause the blockages, which has the effect on reducing grievous symptoms and adjust the menstruation. At the same time, the male should take good care of his wife and pay attention to personal hygiene. What’s more, don’t indulge in sexual life and develop a proper sexual routine.
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