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Common Causes And Daily Conditioning Of Hydrosalpinx

Hydrosalpinx affects the movement of sperm and egg in the fallopian tubes, hindering fertilization and causing infertility in women. B ultrasound examination can be used to detect the hydrosalpinx with infection, which can be manifested as abdominal pain, fever and a large number of tubal abscess as well as pelvic cavity pus.

There are many reasons that can cause hydrosalpinx, which should be paid much attention to.
1. Chronic salpingitis
Due to the chronic inflammation, tubal umbrella end  will cause tubal adhesion closure, accompanied by tubal cavity leakage fluid. This is one of the main causes of hydrosalpinx in women.
2. Tubal abscess
The purulent cells in the lumen and the necrotic tissue will be decomposed and removed by the swallowing cells. Gradually, the abscesses will turn into a watery fluid and cause hydrosalpinx.
3. Operation
If undertaking operation undeservedly, it can cause hydrosalpinx thereby. In some operations, female patients may have bleeding that can form Blood scabs, or the inner membrance of fallopian tube may be damaged. These cases can lead to hydrosalpinx with varying degrees.
When having hydrosalpinx, female friends should always get treated in time, to avoid the aggravation of the disease. Usually, herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can be adopted to treat hydrosalpinx caused by many inflammations inside the pelvic cavity. Moreover, it improves the female immunity and self-healing ability as well as the menstruation. It features no drug resistance or side effects.
After getting helpful treatment, daily conditioning should keep up with the major process. 
Women in ordinary life should pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and they should not participate in excessive physical work, so as to avoid too much abdominal pressure and then contractions. Make sure that you have a sufficient sleep time at night.  Long-term staying up late will make their endocrine dyscrasia, and make the resistance and immunity declined. In this case, women will be easy to be invaded by bacteria, thereby inducing the occurrence of hydrosalpinx.
When the female is suffering from hydrosalpinx, she should not be excessively worried. Keep a good mood, to avoid unnecessary mental pressure. You know, bad mood will affect the recovery and also increase the possibility of the disease. Women should learn to use appropriate methods to adjust themselves when affected by negative emotions.
Finally, women should pay attention to warm keeping and daily eating. When the weather is getting cold, doing more exercise while keeping warm and eating healthy food can help women pull through.
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