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Can Hydrosalpinx Affect The Success Rate Of IVF?
In clinical, fallopian tube diseases are the most common causes of female infertility, accounting for about 25% to 30%. Hydrosalpinx is one of them. Many women who can not get pregnant choose to do IVF. So can hydrosalpinx affect the success rate of IVF?
Doctors point out that hydrosalpinx is a member of pelvic inflammations. Due to the tubal inflammation and tubal adhesion closure, the secretions that should be transmitted to the fallopian tubes are trapped in the tubal cavity and can not be discharged out in time, thus leading to the formation of hydrosalpinx over time. 
According to the massive clinical cases, doctors conclude that the hydrosalpinx often occurs following the infection of mycoplasma and chlamydia, gonococcal infection, abortion, unclean sexual intercourse, improper uterine cavity operation and so on.
The influence of hydrosalpinx on the IVF
1. Influence on endometrial receptivity
Hydrosalpinx can change the intrauterine environment, interfere with fertilized egg implantation and embryo's contact with endometrium, thus reducing the success rate of IVF.
2. Toxic effects on embryos
Embryo implantation depends on embryo quality and conditions of endometrium as well as uterine cavity. While hydrosalpinx is mostly made of toxic and purulent materials, which have toxic effects on embryo, endometrium and uterine cavity, thus clearly affecting the embryo implantation.
Hydrosalpinx is a pathological change of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease. It is common in patients with infertility caused by tubal factors, and preliminary diagnosis can be made by salpingography and B-ultrasound.
When it comes to the IVF, tubal ligation is only considered when the fallopian tubes have hydrops. Hydrosalpinx itself does not constitute a substantial impact on ovarian function, while there is a dispute about whether surgical removal of hydrosalpinx will affect ovarian function and ovarian response to superovulation.
The operation is very difficult to avoid damaging the blood vessels around the ovary, especially for the patients with severe pelvic adhesion. If the operation is complicated and the blood vessels in the mesosalpinx are damaged during the separation of adhesions, the ovarian function will be affected to a certain extent.
Clinically, for severe hydrosalpinx, the doctor suggests to conduct pretreatment before IVF. For light or insignificant hydronephrosis, it should be determined according to the patient's specific situation. If the patient has a history of IVF failure and has mild hydrosalpinx, hydrosalpinx should be treated before the next gestation. 
Besides, if there is an inflammation related to hydropsalpinx, it should be solved as well. In general, herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can be used to dispel inflammation and make the female develop a better physical status for pregnancy. 
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