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Notice Five Culprits Of Blocked Fallopian Tubes, One Of Them Can Be Transmitted
Blocked fallopian tube is one of the reasons that can lead to female infertility. Many females with failed experience of pregnancy found this problem after getting checked in the hospital. When the fallopian tubes are blocked, the sperm and egg will not be able to combine with each other, let alone the pregnancy.
So what caused blocked fallopian tubes? These five culprits need your attention. 
1. Tubal inflammation
Salpingitis is a tubal inflammation, which is also a common gynecological inflammation. It is a factor that can lead to tubal blockage related to the tubal swelling and mucosal inflammation. Salpingitis will lead to adhesion in the smallest tubal part and the umbrella end, gradually resulting in the tubal blockage and then the disease.
2. Abortion without safety guarantee
Some women who have abortions may choose small and nonstandard clinics without medical qualifications, which increases the risk of infection. If the unsafe abortion leads to local inflammation and cause scar tissues in the fallopian tubes, the scar tissues will heap up in the fallopian tubes gradually, causing the fallopian tubes to become blocked.
3. Pelvic cavity adhesion
Pelvic cavity adhesion refers to the inflammation in the pelvic organs and tissues. The condition can cause tissue congestion and edema, thus leading to adhesion, usually including uterine adhesion, fallopian tube adhesion, ovarian adhesion and so on. Many women will have adhesion after doing pelvic surgery.

4. Appendicular perforation
A perforated appendix and a blocked fallopian tube do not seem to be related, but actually they are. The fallopian tube and the appendix are very close to each other in position. When appendicitis is severe, it will spread to the fallopian tubes and causes scar tissues to form in the tubes, which can block the fallopian tubes. So females with appendicitis or perforated appendix sometimes also can face the circumstance of blocked fallopian tubes. In this situation, women should carefully check their fallopian tubes before preparing for pregnancy.
5. Sexually transmitted diseases
Sexually transmitted diseases (STDS) can sometimes cause women to clog their fallopian tubes, because they are infections of the reproductive system that may not be treated thoroughly. The disease can invade the fallopian tubes, leading to inflammation of the fallopian tubes and blockage of the tubes. So women with a history of sexually transmitted diseases also need to check the fallopian tubes carefully, to determine if there is a blockage in this situation.
Tubal blockage is a common cause of female infertility, and its incidence is very high. In daily life, females must notice the sanitation of reproductive system and do a good job on prevention. If something wrong happens, they need to get checked and treated in time. Usually, herbal formula Fuyan Pill is a useful method for females with tubal inflammations. It can effectively dispel inflammations and unclog the tubes, making females have a good physical status to successfully conceive.
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