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Five Common Causes Of Blocked Fallopian Tubes That Deserve Your Attention

The fallopian tube is an important organ of a woman's body. If a woman wants to get pregnant successfully, she needs the fallopian tubes to transmit the egg, which can be combined with sperm into a fertilized egg. In clinical cases, the blocked fallopian tube is one of the common causes of female infertility. Lots of women may not pay much attention to the fallopian tube, while usually they are diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes after failing to get pregnant for several years.

What caused blocked fallopian tubes?
1. Inflammations
If there is a certain inflammation in the female body, such as vaginitis, cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, appendicitis and so on, it will make the inflammation spread up to the fallopian tubes, and then cause salpingitis. The continued existence of salpingitis will lead to tubal adhesion and blockage. 
2. Gynecological diseases
Gynecological diseases such as endometriosis, uterine fibroids, endocrine disorders, and ovarian cysts can cause inflammation and get fallopian tubes involved inevitably. Once the oviduct is invaded by inflammation and adhesion occur, it will lead to blocked fallopian tubes.
3. Lack of hygiene during menstruation
Menstrual resistance in females is relatively flimsy. During this period, if couples have sexual intercourse or do not do a good job on sanitation, it will lead to the invasion of germs, causing pelvic inflammatory disease. The pelvic cavity is close to the fallopian tube, as a result, the persistent presence of pelvic inflammatory disease can lead to the bacterial invasion into the fallopian tubes, which can lead to blocked fallopian tubes in the end.
4. Repeated hydrotubation
To figure out the condition of fallopian tubes or due to other reasons, some females may receive hydrotubation repeatedly. But they don't know the frequent operations can lead to uplink infection to the fallopian tubes, spreading around and causing the tubes to become blocked.
5. Repeated intrauterine surgeries
Intrauterine surgeries like induced abortion and contraceptive ring do cause damage to female body. At present, many women may have an abortion to terminate pregnancy because of unplanned pregnancy. Some may choose informal clinics for fear of being found out. In addition, if the operation is not carried out in a sterile environment or the doctors are not skilled enough, the uterine cavity will be damaged and infected to some extent. When the inflammation persists, it will spread to the fallopian tubes and make them blocked.
How to treat blocked fallopian tubes?
1. Medication
You can use traditional Chinese medicine, such as Fuyan Pill, to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis. It can effectively terminate inflammations and improve the female painful symptoms. You should check whether there is inflammation and then use anti-inflammatory treatment to dredge the fallopian tubes. Always take it under the guidance of the doctor.
2. Physical therapy
Physical therapy is generally aimed at early tubal blockage. When the blockage is not serious, you can take superficial physical therapy, such as short wave and magnetic resonance, to promote local blood circulation and dredge the fallopian tubes.
3. Surgical treatment
Surgical treatment usually includes salpingography and oviduct anastomosis. Due to the different situation of each woman, the surgical treatment needs to be determined by the doctor according to the specific symptoms, constitution and location.
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