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For Blocked Fallopian Tubes, What Other Tests Can You Have Besides HSG?

In clinical practice, many females with infertility are diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes. While through proper and timely treatment, many females can still get pregnant. For example, the Fuyan Pill is a good approach to solving the tubal problems caused by inflammations, which can help females improve the reproductive system and adjust the menstruation. It has no side effects, so it can help females to develop a good physical condition for pregnancy. 

Usually, the sooner you get treated, the sooner you will be cured. Before the treatment, you should find a way to check your body and figure out what's wrong with it. For blocked fallopian tubes, HSG is a common choice.
HSG is short for hysterosalpingography, and is also called x-ray hysterosalpingography. By injecting the contrast agent into a woman's uterine cavity and fallopian tubes with a catheter, and using an x-ray diagnostic instrument, x-ray fluoroscopy and radiography can be performed. Doctors can determine whether the fallopian tubes are blocked by looking at contrast agent situations in the fallopian tubes and pelvic cavity.
Besides HSG, what other tests can female patients receive? There are three useful methods for you.
1. Salpingoscopy
Through salpingoscopy, doctors can directly observe the structure and local microlesions in tubal lumen. The purpose of this test is to exclude structural or functional abnormalities in the tubal lumen.
2. Hysteroscopy
A hysteroscope is inserted into a woman's uterus to see what is going on inside the uterine cavity. This test is only for the uterine cavity.
3. Laparoscopy
This is a very advanced test for the tubal infertility, which needs to be carried out through surgery, and patients need anesthesia and hospitalization. The cost is relatively high by the way.
As is known to all, fallopian tube is an important part of the female reproductive system, which not only has the role in ingesting eggs, but also plays the role in transporting the fertilized eggs to the uterus. Therefore, if the fallopian tubes are blocked, it will be easy to cause the formation of tubal infertility. In clinical practices, the incidence of tubal infertility is 30% to 50%.
If you have been diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes while you have fertility requirements, you have to get treated in time. If necessary, you can also try IVF for the family plan. According to various factors, such as the location and degree of blocked fallopian tubes, infertility years, age, ovarian function, the man's semen level and other conditions, professionals can make an individual treatment plan. Through IVF, you will also be able to become a mother and start a happy family.
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