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When Fallopian Tubes Are Blocked, Can Women Ovulate?

Blocked fallopian tube is a common gynecological disease, which is one of the causes of infertility in women. There are many factors that contribute to a successful pregnancy, such as ejaculation, ovulation and fertilization. Therefore, for a woman with blocked fallopian tubes, can she ovulate naturally?

Actually, for women with normal ovulation function, although fallopian tubes are blocked, they can ovulate. Because fallopian tubes and ovaries are two organs with different functions. The fallopian tube is the organ that carry eggs. The ovary is the organ that produce eggs and ovulate. The blockage of the fallopian tubes has no effect on ovulation, which occurs every month. In fact, the blockage merely causes sperm to fail to pass through and meet eggs.
Or rather, the fallopian tube is a transport channel for sperm, egg and fertilized egg. It is the place where sperm and egg meet and combine. And it is also a transport channel for the fertilized egg to move towards the uterine cavity. The egg is discharged from the ovary before it is transported by means of the fallopian tubes. Although blocked fallopian tubes do not interfere with the ovulation, it can surely cause infertility in females.
Blocked fallopian tubes can be classified into primary and secondary types. Primary blocked fallopian tube, as the name implies, is congenital and occurs at birth, while such cases are relatively rare. Secondary blocked fallopian tube, which is caused by acquired factors, is very common. Its inducements can be mainly divided into mechanical and pathological types.
Mechanical blocked fallopian tube is caused by the functional contraction of detached emboli and organs, such as medical abortion and artificial abortion, which can cause embryo tissues and embryo appendages to fall into the fallopian tubes and then lead to tubal obstruction. Therefore, when female friends have surgeries, they must choose professional hospitals, rather than informal hospitals and inexperienced doctors for the sake of saving money. They should also pay attention to personal hygiene before and after surgery.
Pathological blocked fallopian tube is usually caused by some inflammations in the pelvic cavity, such as the pelvic inflammatory disease, which is a very common disease in females that can lead to infertility. In this situation, the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill developed by Dr. Lee Xiaoping's TCM Clinic, is able to deal with the blocked fallopian tubes caused by inflammation. What’s more, it has no side effects and can improve the body immunity and self-healing ability, making females develop a better physical condition for the pregnancy.
In conclusion, if you have blocked fallopian tubes, you should seek medical treatment in a timely manner, and you need to choose a regular hospital and the appropriate method.
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