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What Connection Do Dysmenorrhea And Blocked Fallopian Tubes Have?

Blocked fallopian tube is a common problem in females that can give rise to female infertility in clinical practice. Experts say, when the blocked fallopian tubes appear, the female fallopian tubes will be stimulated. 

At this time, the female abdomen will be attacked by painful sensation, accompanied by painful menstruation, known as the dysmenorrhea. After a formal check, it can be found that there is tissue necrosis at the lesion site, which means the female patients should get treated in time.
What are the causes of dysmenorrhea in patients with blocked fallopian tubes?
Fallopian tubes can be divided into the left one and the right one, located at the bottom of the uterus on both sides respectively. They extend outward from the lateral corner of the uterus in parallel, reaching the uterine end of the ovary first, then reaching the oviduct end of the ovary along the mesangial edge of the ovary, and then covering the ovary like a bow. Each fallopian tube has two openings, with one in the uterine cavity and the other in the peritoneal cavity while free of the abdominal cavity.
Ovulation occurs when the follicles in the ovary have matured. When oocyte do not get fertilized, corpus luteum ( After follicle ovulation, the cells inside the ovary become big and yellow, forming the new tissue, namely corpus luteum. ) begins to shrink about 14 days after ovulation, and the secretion of estrogen and progesterone is stopped. During this period, the endometrium becomes necrotic and falls off, then flows out of the vagina, leading to menstruation.
Blocked fallopian tube can easily induce acute or chronic tubal inflammation, because the abdominal cavity features a certain sealing capacity, the inflammation will be easy to spread to the adjacent areas in and around the pelvic cavity. When there is a pelvic inflammatory disease, it can easily cause blood congestion, and lead to pelvic congestion, which can impact the blood flow in the adjacent organs, especially the organs that carry menstrual blood, thus leading to dysmenorrhea. Abdominal pain (persistent dull or bloated pain) can occur one week before menstruation and become more awful when the menstrual period is closer until the menstruation begins.
When you suffer from these problems, it is needed to get timely treatment. If left untreated for too long, the fallopian tubes will be completely blocked, leading to infertility in females. Commonly, you can take the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill to solve inflammations, relieve pain and improve the menstruation. It works well on the whole pelvic cavity with no side effects. So you can count on it for the long-term treatment.
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