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Why Do Your Fallopian Tubes Get Blocked Easily?

Commonly, women with blocked fallopian tubes may have a particularly difficult time in conceiving. And when it comes to that the fallopian tubes are blocked, besides congenital factors, there are some other things you should watch out.

Why do your fallopian tubes get blocked easily?
blocked fallopian tubes
1. Frequent abortion and improper postpartum care
Although abortion is a common choice when there is a contraceptive failure, but it can cause damage to female body. The damage from frequent abortions is even more irreversible. It can damage a woman's uterus and can lead to blocked fallopian tubes. And after the abortion, if there is not timely care work, it will let the bacteria take the opportunity to enter the female body, leading to secondary infection in the fallopian tubes, which can also lead to blockage.
2. Have sex during menstruation
Women are forbidden to have sex during menstruation, but there are still many women who fail to keep it up. Doctors point out that having sex during menstruation is a cause of blocked fallopian tubes in women. Because the cervix is being an open status during menstruation, it is easy to bring bacteria into a woman's body when having sex, which can lead to gynecological inflammation, including endometriosis. You should notice that severe endometriosis can also lead to blocked fallopian tubes, which can then lead to infertility in women.
3. Not pay attention to hygiene when having sex
Women should also refrain from indulging in sex during non-menstrual periods. Your personal hygiene can not be sneezed at. A woman's body can also be harmed if she is careful about the personal hygiene but her sexual partner is unhygienic. Once the bacteria are brought into the body, the fallopian tubes are more likely to become blocked. So before having sex, you and your sexual partner should keep clean. It is better to take a shower and use condoms.
Blocked fallopian tubes can cause some symptoms. If you have any of the following symptoms, please go to the hospital immediately.
1. Abdominal discomfort. When a woman has varying degrees of pain in her lower abdomen, or lumbosacral soreness, swelling, or a sinking feeling, it may be the blocked fallopian tubes' fault.
2. Irregular menstruation. Because a woman's fallopian tubes are adjacent to her ovaries, if inflammation spreads to her ovaries, it may affect her menstrual cycle, leading to irregular periods. Common symptoms are menorrhagia, menstrual frequency, and so on.
3. Dysmenorrhea. When a woman has pelvic congestion, it will form congestive dysmenorrhea. Generally, the closer the menstrual period is, dysmenorrhea symptoms will be more obvious.
4. Other symptoms. Leucorrhea, sexual pain, fatigue, depression and so on, which should be noted in daily life.
In the worst cases, blocked fallopian tubes can cause infertility in women. Therefore, female patients need timely treatment to avoid more irreversible damage caused by the disease. Luckily, you can take the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill to solve your condition, which is a good approach to improving blood circulation and remove blood stasis, and it can work well on solve inflammations in the pelvic cavity. It can effectively help women unclog the fallopian tubes and improve their self-healing ability. This is a natural medicine with no side effects, so it is worth taking.
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