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Which Gynecological Diseases Are Prone To Cause Infertility In Women?

Infertility is a major trouble for many women, which prevents them from feeling pregnancy or even having a biological child. Among them, some women with infertility problems are caused by gynecological diseases. Once the disease is cured, the infertility problem can be improved. So women need to learn about these issues and find suitable way to get them out.


Gynecological diseases that can make you infertile 

1. Blocked fallopian tubes
For a woman to become pregnant, the fallopian tube must remain open as eggs and sperm pass through it to reach the uterine cavity. If they are blocked, then the egg and sperm won't be able to combine and then the infertility problems will occur. Hence, the fallopian tubes, as essential pipeline of the reproductive system, can not be blocked if you want to get pregnant naturally.
2. Vaginitis
When the vagina is inflamed, its internal acid-base environment will change, leading to more purulent secretions inside the vagina, resulting in an increase in the content of white blood cells in the vagina, which will lead to a decline in sperm motility thereby. Degenerated sperm, even if it enters the vagina, cannot penetrate the fallopian tubes, cervix and uterine cavity. In this way, the egg will not be able to be fertilized smoothly. Hence, naturally there is no way to conceive in females.
3. Cervical diseases
Normal pregnancy requires the combination of sperm and egg. After ejaculation, the sperm enters the vagina and passes through the cervix, where it meets the egg. That is to say, the cervix is the first barrier for sperm to pass, if the cervix is sick, then sperm can not be able to combine with the egg, let alone the pregnancy.
4. Polycystic ovary
The ovaries are able to release eggs, which are necessary for pregnancy. If the ovaries are sick, the eggs will be blocked, or the quality of the eggs will be poor, and the pregnancy will be difficult to achieve. While polycystic ovary is an ovarian disease, its appearance will cause amenorrhea or sparse menstruation, ovulation disorders and other problems, and eventually cause infertility.

How can a woman improve her ability to get pregnant?

1. Try to relax
Many women are under pressure from both work and family. Long-term mental and physical stress can lead to irregular menstruation problems, which can also affect egg production, increasing the chance of infertility. Therefore, females need to decompress themselves, and try to be relax. There are many ways that can help them relax more, such as doing more exercise, taking trips, chatting with friends, taking part in social activities and so on.
2. Eat more healthy foods
If you want to get pregnant, it's essential to eat foods that are good for your body and can promote fertility, such as nuts, oysters, pumpkins and so on. Add these foods to your diet to make it easier to conceive. At the same time, females should also remember that some spicy, frozen food are not suggested to eat, so as not to stimulate the body, causing the body to lose health and affecting female pregnancy.
healthy food
3. Control body weight
Weight control does not mean that women have to lose weight, which implies that you should keep your body weight in reasonable range. You can not let yourself become too fat, or too light, otherwise it will affect fertility. For example, being too fat can often be easy to cause endocrine disorders, resulting in ovulation problems. On the other hand, being too light can lead to insufficient nutrition in the body, causing the major organs not to function normally.
4. Get your diseases treated in time
For females with blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis, or other problems that can lead to infertility, they should get treated in time to avoid the aggravation of the disease. For example, you can take the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill to treat your tubal condition and inflammations, which can work well on terminating bacteria and viruses, relieving pain and adjusting menstruation. It won’t lead to any side effects on female body. So it is a reasonable option.
Finally, we hope every woman who wants to be a mother can have a healthy body and achieve what she wish.
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