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Female Health -- Surgical Treatments For Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Blocked fallopian tube, also known as the tubal blockage, is caused by various reasons, and the treatment process is relatively complex. Nowadays, surgical treatment has the characteristics of quick effect. To achieve the best treatment effect, there are higher requirements for doctors' skills and medical conditions.


blocked fallopian tube
There are three types of surgical treatment of blocked fallopian tubes for your reference.

Hysteroscopic tubal intubation and pressurized fluid injection

This surgical treatment is suitable for patients with complete blockage of fallopian tubes or poor passability. Doctors should find the fallopian tube interface under hysteroscopy, insert the fallopian tube catheter into the orifice 2 to 3mm, and inject the antibiotic solution 20 to 40ml under pressure. 
On the flip side, for those who have resistance and regurgitation to push injection, the fallopian tube can be proved as still being not smooth, and the treatment can be repeated in the next cycle, for 2 to 3 consecutive times.

Hysteroscopy combined with laparoscopy

This surgical treatment is to observe pelvis cavity first by laparoscope, separate pelvis cavity or oviduct adhesion. When necessary, the doctor can undertake an umbrella end plasty or an ostomy. The uterine cavity should be examined by hysteroscopy, and the patients with intrauterine lesions need to be treated under the microscope. 
blocked fallopian tube
Patients with blocked fallopian tubes are treated with an antibiotic solution to pressurize the fluid or with the fallopian tube catheter for dredging, separating the adhesions or widening the stenosis, so as to achieve the purpose of unblocking the fallopian tubes.

Tubal adhesiolysis

With the advent of laparoscopy and pelvic reconstruction, the diagnosis and surgical treatment of blocked fallopian tube have achieved good results. Surgical doctors point out that adhesion between the fallopian tube and external tissue can also cause blocked fallopian tubes to some extent. 
Tubal adhesiolysis refers to that the laparoscopic adhesion separation between the fallopian tube and surrounding tissues and organs can be carried out to restore the normal relationship between the fallopian tube and ovary.
Surgical treatments for blocked fallopian tubes can help females get recovered in most cases. But the surgery also carries risks. If there is no strict disinfection during the surgery, or no attention to personal hygiene after the surgery, bacterial infection is easy to break out. In this case, it can be easy to cause PID, which is short for the pelvic inflammatory disease, a common inflammation in women.
blocked fallopian tube
Likewise, female patients after surgery can become generally more fragile, they are also vulnerable to bacterial invasion. So the surgical treatment can be a challenge for people with blocked fallopian tubes who are physically weak.
Surgical treatment is not always a must, you can also try the Chinese herbal medicine Fuyan Pill to achieve the goal of unblocking the fallopian tubes. This is a natural medicine that can help you get rid of painful symptoms and troubles caused by blocked fallopian tubes. This herbal medicine can also help you solve and prevent inflammations in the reproductive system. For females who have a family plan, the herbal medicine can be a good option for them to get pregnant more naturally.
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