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What Is Tubal Infertility? How To Deal With It?
Females may be infertile due to various factors, and tubal infertility is one of the most common infertility cases. So why can the fallopian tubes cause infertility? And what are the symptoms of tubal infertility?
tubal infertility
Infertility is defined as being married for more than two years, having a normal sex life and not using any form of birth control without becoming pregnant. On the flip side, the fallopian tubes have the important function of transporting sperm, ingesting ovum and transporting the fertilized ovum to the uterine cavity. The tubal impassability, known as the blocked fallopian tubes, or the tubal function disorders can become the main reasons of female infertility.
The cause of tubal obstruction or dysfunction may be related to the acute and chronic inflammation in the fallopian tubes. Serious salpingitis can cause fallopian tubes to be completely impassable, which can be diagnosed by CT scan or MRI. Images may show fallopian tube thickening, adnexal mass, fallopian tube effusion changes and so on. 
Doctors point out that preliminary diagnosis can be made according to clinical manifestations of patients. When it is necessary, posterior fornix depression can be examined by microscopy and biopsy, which is helpful for diagnosis.
The oviduct lumen is blocked. Moreover, endometrium is damaged, which affects the ciliary movement of endometrium cells. Due to the scar formation, the fallopian tube wall becomes stiffened, which may affect fallopian tube peristalsis, thus affecting the encounter and transport of sperm and egg, and then resulting in female infertility.
Salpingitis can also be associated with inflammation of organs or tissues around the fallopian tubes, especially the formation of inflammatory adhesions around the fallopian tube umbrella or ovaries, such as purulent appendicitis and tuberculous peritonitis, so that the fallopian tube umbrella can not be able to absorb discharged egg cells. As a result, the egg and sperm can not meet naturally. 
Chronic salpingitis is a disease that causes tubal infertility. The symptoms of tubal infertility are as follows.
Some patients have low abdominal pain, lumbosacral swelling pain, which can be aggravated after menstrual period, sexual intercourse or fatigue.
Leucorrhea gets increased, with more menstrual volume, prolonged menstrual period, dysmenorrhea and so on.
There may be a history of pelvic inflammatory disease and cervicitis in female patients.
Some patients have tenderness in the lower abdomen or accessory area, accompanied by cervicitis.
tubal infertility symptoms
If you have been diagnosed with tubal infertility, what can you do? This herbal medicine may be the answer you need.
For tubal infertility, solving the blocked fallopian tubes and tubal inflammations should be the first step. The herbal medicine Fuyan Pill with broad-spectrum bactericidal capability can help you unblock the fallopian tubes and kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses in the pelvic cavity.
It is a good option for females with pelvic inflammatory disease, tubal problems and other urogenital diseases in females. Since it won't lead to any side effects, more and more female patients tend to use Fuyan Pill at home and abroad.

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