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Why Do Your Fallopian Tubes Get Inflamed?
The fallopian tube is a very important part of the body, but many women in daily life do not protect it well, resulting in tubal inflammation, namely salpingitis.
Once the treatment of salpingitis is delayed, it will be very likely to cause blockage of the fallopian tubes, and in serious cases, it may also cause adhesions in that area, or hydrops and other symptoms. 
Therefore, to avoid the disease from being more serious, it is necessary to see a doctor in the first place. Most of these people are able to recover after a suitable treatment, such as the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill.
fallopian tube
Why do your fallopian tubes get inflamed?
1. Be infected
When a woman's sexual partner has inflammation in and around the private area during sex, it can cause bacteria to enter the woman's body and cause inflammation. As a result, if the inflammation continues to expand in the female urogenital system, the fallopian tubes will be infected inevitably.
It's important to remember that whether both of you have inflammation or just one of you has inflammation in your private parts, you should take a break from sex during this time. You must not have sex until the inflammation get solved.
2. Improper care
At ordinary times, if you can not take care of your body well, especially the private part, after surgical treatment, it will tend to lead to inflammation in the fallopian tubes. In addition to surgery, women who suffer an injury during a miscarriage or childbirth, and who do not receive sufficient care during the body recovery, it may lead to inflammation of the fallopian tubes.
Therefore, whether women have surgery, childbirth, or miscarriage, they should do a good job of body conditioning in a timely manner. Take notice of personal hygiene, rest, and healthy diet plan.
3. Bacterial invasion
When bacteria enter the human body, they will continue to travel around in the body, thus causing salpingitis, pelvic inflammatory disease and other inflammations. Bacteria such as E coli and streptococcus can cause inflammation of the fallopian tubes. Most of these germs are brought to the body through food, and there may also be some germs from the private parts.
In general, your body is able to fight off germs. People who are physically fit do not suffer from inflammation in the face of these bacteria. On the contrary, if your body's resistance becomes low to some extent, salpingitis and other inflammations will be more likely to occur.
Therefore, for women with weak physique, or women who are physically uncomfortable during the menstrual period, they should learn to protect themselves, pay attention to personal recuperation, and avoid excessive fatigue.
If you want to strengthen your body resistance to avoid salpingitis, you should achieve a balanced nutrition in daily life by mixing and matching vegetables, fruits, meat and other healthy foods. Don’t eat spicy food, drink alcohol or smoke excessively. Furthermore, exercising more is needed, which can promote the cell viability and blood circulation so that the body function can be well improved.
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