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These Four Methods Are More Accurate When Checking For Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Blocked fallopian tube can lead to female infertility in serious cases, so it is better to get it checked out early to prevent unhappy ending.

These four methods are more accurate when checking for blocked fallopian tubes.
blocked fallopain tubes
1. Laparoscopy: Endoscope is directly inserted into the abdominal cavity to observe the situation of the fallopian tube, and has a therapeutic effect on the obstruction or adhesion of the fallopian tube.
2. Hysterosalpingography by X-ray:The size, shape and position of the uterine cavity as well as the shape of the fallopian tubes can be seen on the fluorescent screen and X-ray images.
3. Ultrasonic examination:Ultrasonic examination of the fallopian tube can be divided into ordinary ultrasound examination and ultrasound fluid. Some hydrosalpinx can be detected on ordinary ultrasound as thickened liquid dark areas on both sides of the uterus. But ultrasonic examination cannot determine whether it is hydrosalpinx or ovarian cysts. It can only be diagnosed as "suggesting the possibility of hydroneprosis".
4. Uterus hydrotubation with ultrasound:  There are negative contrast agents and positive contrast agents. Negative contrast agents involve normal saline, and positive contrast agents involve hydrogen peroxide, carbon dioxide foaming agent, ultrasonic crystal oxygen, hand vibration microbubble, sound microdisplay, etc.
If you have blocked fallopian tubes, it is needed to get a treatment in time. Before the treatment, it is also needed to figure out what the cause of the disease is. Generally speaking, chronic pelvic inflammation can cause partial or complete closure of one end of the fallopian tube that receives the egg, or cause the lining of the fallopian tube to become sticky, narrowed or closed.
blocked fallopain tubes
Severe inflammation in the pelvic cavity can cause the fallopian tubes to lose the soft and peristaltic physiology, become stiff and twisted, and make the lumen completely blocked, ultimately making females infertile. Salpingitis can bring adhesiveness to the strictest part of the fallopian tube and the end of the umbrella and give rise to lumen stricture or complete atresia, thus causing infertility.
In this case, it is recommended that females can take the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill to get a complete cure, which can be used to wipe out inflammation and infection. It works on the whole female pelvic cavity and can help them restore the pelvic health, unclog the blocked fallopian tubes as well as relieve painful symptoms. 
More importantly, it features no side effects on the female body, so it won’t hurt the females. During the treatment, keeping good personal hygiene and healthy diet can improve the therapeutic effects. So females can have a try.

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