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Do You Experience Pain During The Tubal Test For Blocked Fallopian Tubes?

Blocked fallopian tube is a common gynecological disease, but its early symptoms are difficult to detect. Some women choose to have their fallopian tubes checked to prevent the disease. 


But some women worry about the pain. For women who are afraid of injections and surgeries, they may hesitate to get tested.


Does the tubal test cause pain in females?



Take salpingography for example. In clinical practice, you won't have any pain when having this test. However, some patients may experience mild pain that won't affect your body health. 


If the fallopian tubes are unblocked, patients who are examined generally do not experience pain. If there is a blockage in the fallopian tubes, the patients will have varying degrees of pain, so the issue is individual.


In addition, there are some safe and effective check methods for your reference.


1. Type B ultrasound 


Because of its small damage to human body, ultrasound diagnosis can be repeatedly used, and the diagnosis is rapid and accurate.


2. Fallopian tube fluid examination


It has the advantages of simple equipment, convenient operation and low price, which is a primary screening method to evaluate the patency of the fallopian tube, and the correct diagnostic rate for the fallopian tube patency is poor.


3. Hysteroscopy


It is mainly used to understand the internal conditions of the uterine cavity, but the situation outside the uterine cavity can not be understood.



If you are unlucky enough to be diagnosed with a blocked fallopian tube, we recommend that you get treatment as soon as possible. In many cases, the blocked fallopian tubes are caused by inflammation and congestion, such as pelvic inflammation. 


In this regard, our product Fuyan Pills can help you out of the dilemma. It has a very good anti-inflammatory ability, which can not only repair damaged tissue, but also improve female immunity and self-repair ability. It is safe and effective, and you deserve it.


In more serious cases, females tubal blockage can not be treated through medication. If this is the case, it may be solved through surgical treatment. And when it comes to surgery, some women may feel intimidated and hesitate to get treatment.


Surgery does have risks, but if it is necessary, you should rise to the challenge. For this, you need to make adequate preparations, such as maintaining personal hygiene, avoiding sex, and most importantly, you should choose a regular hospital and an experienced doctor. Only in this way can you safely solve the fallopian tube problem.




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