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Blocked Fallopian Tubes: Details Important to Females
As we all know, females play an important role in conceiving the next generation. Physiologically, after the sperm and egg are combined, the fertilized egg begins to grow in the female uterus, indicating that the woman is officially pregnant. The ovaries are where the eggs are produced and cultivated. 
When the egg matures, it will be combined with sperm through the fallopian tube. If the fallopian tubes are blocked, it will lead to female infertility. 
Statistics reveal that about 45% to 65% of women who can not be pregnant have fallopian tube problems, especially blocked fallopian tubes. It also means that fallopian tubes play an essential role in normal pregnancy. To better know blocked fallopian tubes and treat infertility caused by the disease, there are two things women should know.

To begin with, what is blocked fallopian tubes?

Generally speaking, blockages in uterine tubes can be divided into three types:
1. The fallopian tubes are unblocked but not smooth, which is usually caused by shed cells in the tubes.
2. The fallopian tube on one side is blocked and the other one is intact.
3. The fallopian tubes are completely impassable, which may have serious lesions.
Then, under what conditions should you beware of blocked fallopian tubes?
1. Fail to be pregnant over a whole year
If you try to be a mother but it doesn't work for a long time, you should do a check-up in the hospital for the existence of blocked fallopian tubes.
2. Suffer from an ectopic pregnancy
Blocked fallopian tubes may cause an ectopic pregnancy, so women who once had ectopic pregnancy should pay attention to blockage, adhesion or hydrops in the fallopian tubes.
3. Experience lower abdominal pain 
Genital inflammations, such as pelvic inflammation, can cause lower abdominal pain and lumbosacral soreness. If left untreated, it will unknowingly lead to blocked fallopian tubes. 
4. Having childbearing or abortion history 
Doctors point out that if you once gave birth to a child before, or had an abortion surgery, you should check the fallopian tubes before the next pregnancy. This is because if you do not pay attention to personal hygiene after surgery, bacterial infection may occur and lead to pelvic inflammation, thus causing blocked fallopian tubes. 
For women who have blocked fallopian tubes, the treatment varies according to the causes of disease. If it's caused by pelvic inflammatory disease or other inflammations, medication can be helpful. 
The herbal remedy named Fuyan Pill can effectively treat the tubal blockage caused by inflammation. Besides, it can improve female physiological health and eliminate pain without any side effects.
In general, surgeries for blocked fallopian tubes are more common. In the event that the woman still can't get pregnant after surgery, she should consider assisted reproductive technology, like IVF. 
To better increase the pregnancy rate, female friends should also pay more attention to their living habits. They should develop healthy diet, keep personal hygiene clean and have a moderate sexual life. Maintain a good mindset and actively receive treatment, then what you want will be achieved.
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