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Stay Away From These Bad Habits That Can Lead To Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Sansa and her husband got married last January after a seven-year relationship, which also made both parents and relatives breathe a sigh of relief and put down their hearts.


Married nearly two years, the couple did not do contraceptive measures, but no pregnant signs happened. Seeing the youth gradually towards the end, the couple can not await their doom.


Sansa and her husband went to the hospital, and the answer they received was blocked fallopian tubes. Fortunately, the situation was not irreparable, just the oviduct of Sansa became not smooth, and modern medical means could treat it completely.



After a period of active treatment, Sansa and her husband welcomed their baby. She especially recommended the pure Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill which is very helpful in treating gynecological diseases, and has no side effects, helping women to have children naturally.


Although Sansa is lucky and the treatment is very successful, in fact, blocked fallopian tube is really not a small problem.


In general, there are three types of blocked fallopian tubes. The first one is being not smooth. The fallopian tube either sticks to the wall of the basin or other nearby organs, or is too thin and bent. Although it is not actually blocked, it is not very smooth, either. The condition is easily resolved and the vast majority of patients can be cured.


The second situation can be called blockage. There are more or less injuries and blockage in the fallopian tubes. If the occlusion area is small, it can still be treated by minimally invasive surgery, but if the situation is serious, the success rate of cure will be very low. 


In the last and most serious case, the fallopian tubes are completely blocked, and only a few patients have the possibility of a cure, and the probability is not high.


Blocked fallopian tube is not a congenital problem, and most of the cases are caused by acquired reasons. Doctors warn that women should stay away from some bad habits that can lead to blocked fallopian tubes.



1. Avoid spicy, raw and cold food.


Many women are not enough to care about their own body, and they often eat spicy, raw and cold food, which is very adverse to the fallopian tubes, especially in the menstrual period. Abdominal warmth is very important to women, so it is better to avoid these unhealthy foods.


2. Avoid frequent induced abortion.


Frequent induced abortion is very harmful to the female fallopian tubes, and it will cause infertility in females. If you want to be a mother in the future, you must do a good job of contraception when there is no birth plan.


3. Avoid sexual intercourse during menstruation.


Sexual intercourse is not allowed during menstruation, which is a common sense. But it happened that some people don't take it for granted and have sexual life anytime. Actually, sexual intercourse during menstruation can easily lead to bacterial infections in the vagina, causing pelvic inflammation that can block the fallopian tubes. Therefore, you should avoid sex during menstruation and keep your lower body clean and change your underwear frequently.


4. Avoid being sedentary.


Being sedentary is the common fault of many modern white-collar people.  Women sit in chairs for long hours at work and lack physical activities, thus making pelvic vein back flow blocked and leading to excessive congestion that can further result in blocked fallopian tubes.


Women who are trying to conceive and have healthy babies should avoid these bad habits. I wish you all a successful pregnancy.



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