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Can Artificial Insemination Be Done If The Fallopian Tubes Are Blocked?

When the fallopian tubes become blocked, sperm and eggs can't meet, preventing a woman from getting pregnant. So is artificial insemination feasible?


Artificial insemination refers to the artificial method of injecting male sperm into the female uterine cavity, so that it will meet the female egg, and there will be the formation, implantation and development of fertilized egg. This is a widely used method for female pregnancy.


However, when a woman's fallopian tubes are blocked, which makes the egg unable to be discharged normally, the artificial insemination will be useless. Even if the sperm reaches the uterine cavity, the egg won't be fertilized unless it is released normally.



So women with blocked fallopian tubes need to unclog the fallopian tubes in the first instance. Commonly, the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is a great option for females, which has no side effects or drug resistance. If the blockage of the fallopian tube cannot be restored to normal after treatment, IVF can be recommended to meet the need of fertility.


Under what circumstances does the female need artificial insemination?


1. Inflammation: Women suffering from vaginitis, cervicitis and other inflammations that can lead to infertility can be treated by artificial insemination. However, it is more recommended that women should treat the inflammation first, which may affect the fetus if left untreated.


2. Malformation: If the female has genital malformation, and she can't have normal sex, the artificial insemination will be recommended. At the same time, female vaginal stenosis or adhesion, not suitable for a normal pregnancy, is also the indication of artificial insemination.


3. Sperm deficiency: If the man has less, weak and poor semen or other conditions that cause poor sperm quality, artificial insemination can also be performed. It will wash a man's semen and extract the healthy sperm, increasing the success of conception.


4. Sexual dysfunction: Men with sexual dysfunction, such as impotence, premature ejaculation, no erection and other diseases that affect ejaculation can also go to the hospital for artificial insemination.


5. Psychological factors: Both men and women or the unilateral, because of psychological factors leading to sexual apathy or no sexual life, want to have kids, they can also carry out artificial insemination.



Many people are concerned about whether artificial insemination can succeed at the first time, and generally speaking, the success rate of artificial insemination is around 30%, and there will be some differences in the success rate depending on the physical condition of both men and women, the different semen and the different number of operations.


The semen of artificial insemination mainly comes from the husband's semen or the donor's semen. The sperm count and activity rate of the husband's semen and the number of operations will have an impact on the results. If the husband's semen is normal, the total success rate of artificial insemination can reach 50% to 70%.


If the donor's semen is used, the success rate will be slightly higher than that of the husband's semen since the donor's semen is strictly selected. In addition, using fresh semen has a higher success rate than that of using refrigerated semen, but there is also a greater chance of transmission of infectious diseases.


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