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Caring For The Fallopian Tube Health Is Equal To Caring For The Next Generation

The woman has two fallopian tubes, which extend from the two corners of the uterus, like the arms and the fingers gently caressing the ovaries.

The part of the uterine horn is called the stroma, which is also the shortest part. The area that emerges from the uterus slowly narrows, called the isthmus, and is often chosen for ligation at this point.

It then widens again, called the ampullary, and it covers about half of the fallopian tube. Mr. Sperm and Miss Egg's real dating site is exactly here. If they can't run any more, they will colonize here. So the ampullary abdomen is also the most common place where ectopic pregnancy occurs.


The end of the ampulla bulges into a funnel-like shape with multiple protrusions, like fingers or an umbrella, so it is called the umbrella end.

According to the structure and function of the fallopian tube, it is divided into four parts from the outside to the inside.

1. Fallopian tube funnel - Funnel-shaped enlarged at outer end, and the margin is thin and umbrella-shaped.

2. The ampulla of the fallopian tube - the thin wall cavity is large, which is the fertilization site.

3. Tubal isthmus - The tinier part behind the enlarged part.

4. Uterus -- The part of the uterus that passes through the wall at the corner of the uterus.

Auxiliary reproductive function of fallopian tubes

Human reproduction needs the help of the fallopian tubes. The fallopian tube, like a water pipe, is hollow, and in order to give birth, the tube must be unobstructed. Next, the muscle layer of the fallopian tube and the cilia inside the lumen should be in good condition to ensure the peristalsis function of the fallopian tube.

Both anatomical patency and functional integrity are indispensable. Otherwise, sperm and egg can't meet, leading to infertility. Even if it does, it is difficult for the fertilized egg to continue swimming, and a tubal ectopic pregnancy can occur.

Fertility is the greatest and, to some extent, the only function of the fallopian tubes. Sadly, since the invention of IVF, this function of the fallopian tubes has been slowly taken away. Humans no longer rely solely on the fallopian tubes, as long as the uterus and ovaries are present, a successful pregnancy can be achieved through IVF technology, and slowly the fallopian tube has been marginalized.


But IVF is not 100% effective. You still need to take care of your fallopian tubes. A natural pregnancy and delivery is what every mother wants to see.

The patency of the fallopian tube is one of the essential conditions for conception. The lumen of the fallopian tube is narrow, and the lumen of the narrowest part is only 1 ~ 2mm in diameter. When the salpingitis, or pelvic inflammation occurs, the most narrow part of the fallopian tube and the end of the umbrella will be prone to adhesion or complete atresia. This prevents sperm and egg from meeting in the lumen and causes infertility thereby.

In this case, you can take the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill to get yourself cured. It can work well on solving salpingitis and pelvic inflammation, thus improving the fallopian tube health. Also, it improves your immunity and self-healing ability with no side effects, enabling you to have a better physical status to give birth to healthy babies more naturally.


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