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Blocked Fallopian Tubes And Food Recommendations

Blocked fallopian tube is one of the reasons why women can not get pregnant, so female friends with a mother-being dream must be treated in time.



How to treat blocked fallopian tubes?


Clinically, physical therapy is a common method for the treatment of blocked fallopian tubes and plays a very important role in the treatment of this disease. Early treatment of blocked fallopian tubes is usually concerned with some superficial substance treatments. 


But local physical treatment can only improve local blood circulation, and has little effect on the treatment of intraperitoneal blocked fallopian tubes.


Doctors explain that the main cause of blocked fallopian tubes is usually gynecological inflammation, most of which is caused by bacteria ascending infection. Gynecological inflammation is short-term, but the fallopian tube blockage caused by it is permanent. For acute infections, you can take antibiotics to get a cure. 


But for the chronic infections, a better option is the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill, which is often used for females with chronic inflammations like pelvic inflammatory disease, which is a common cause of blocked fallopian tubes.


During the treatment, female patients can not count on the medicine alone, they should also focus on the daily conditioning at the same time, in which the diet matters. There are some food recommendations for your reference.


1. Fresh milk and fruits


After patients suffer from the disease, the daily intake of fresh milk is 250-500g, along with 400g of vegetables and 200g of fruits. These basically meet your body's needs for vitamins A and C as well as calcium and iron.



2. Eggs


For some patients with weak physique or to have some food supply, at least 1-2 eggs should be added every day. Generally, eggs are rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus and various vitamins, which are helpful for the recovery of patients with blocked fallopian tubes.


3. Beans


Beans are rich in easily digestible protein, B vitamins, C, iron and calcium. Soybean sprouts, mung bean sprouts also contain rich vitamin E. Doctors suggest that you can take about 80g of these foods a day.


4. Meat


Fish and meat can provide a large amount of required protein. Daily intake is about 100g. Remember, don't eat too much of these foods.


5. Vitamin


The diet of patients should not only be to maintain the metabolic balance of patients, but also meet a variety of nutrients, so that all kinds of food are under reasonable consumption. The various food match can make the vitamin intake balanced and sufficient.


6. Calcium, phosphorus and iron


For females who want to have kids, the fetus health is rather important. Calcium and phosphorus are essential elements for fetal bones and teeth, and iron is an important element in making blood and tissue cells. Patients should eat more calcium-rich egg yolk, shrimp skin, beans, and iron-rich lean meat, etc. 


I wish these tips help you to some extent. If you have more questions, leave your comments here and we will reply you soon.


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