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Patients With Blocked Fallopian Tubes Should Sleep On Their Side

Tubal obstruction, also known as the blocked fallopian tube, is one of the important causes of female infertility. Studies at home and abroad show that at least 80% of patients can achieve proximal tubal recanalization by non-surgical means.


Tubal recanalization has a history of more than 10 years in the field of interventional therapy. In the diagnosis and treatment of infertility caused by tubal obstruction, it has been adopted by clinicians and accepted by patients because of its remarkable effect and fewer complications.



In the past, selective salpingography and tubal recanalization had become one of the main methods for the treatment of tubal obstructive infertility. Now, if you want some natural methods, the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can be one of your options, which is able to help females unclog the blocked fallopian tubes and leads to no side effects at the same time. So this is a very safe and effective method.


Treatment of blocked fallopian tubes is a top priority, but good personal care is also important. First of all, you need to have more rest, and more rest means you sleep well and lie well. How to sleep?


Doctors point out that you should sleep on your side, and avoid standing or sitting for long periods to reduce pain in the area. Placing a cushion on the patient's buttocks while sitting may also help. Don't walk too much or carry too much. Holding heavy objects causes abdominal strain, which can easily cause contractions.


When you're tired, it helps if you lie down and stay quiet, which helps to relieve painful symptoms caused by blocked fallopian tubes. Don't build up stress. Both mental fatigue and physical fatigue can lead to a variety of problems, and accumulated stress can also be prone to abdominal stiffness. So you should try your best to achieve physical and mental relaxation.



Preventing catching a cold is also important to females with blocked fallopian tubes. Air conditioning makes the lower extremities and waist too cold, which can also cause high-risk pregnancies. It's also important to put on socks and a blanket to prevent you from catching cold.


Besides conditioning related to rest and sleep, you should also do moderate physical exercise on weekends. Suitable options for female patients with blocked fallopian tubes are yoga and massage.  


You can use your palms to do circular massage on your stomach until you feel that the part becomes hard. If the uterus contracts and the pain is severe, you should temporarily stop the massage and use the prone position to reduce the pain. Anyway, you should consult your doctors before you start a sport conditioning. Wish you success in recovery of fallopian tubes.



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