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Beware Of Five Reasons Why The Fallopian Tubes Are Blocked

A woman's fertility involves many reproductive organs, including the fallopian tubes, uterus and ovaries. The fallopian tube is the passage through which the egg is transported and where the sperm and egg combine.


When the fallopian tubes become blocked, you can't complete the process, even if you have healthy eggs and receive healthy sperm. In this case, you may not be able to get truly pregnant.



Infertility is a very common clinical problem in women with blocked fallopian tubes. So why are the fallopian tubes blocked? What kinds of everyday behaviors can cause this problem?


Causes of blocked fallopian tubes in women:


1. Common genital inflammations: Vulvae inflammation, vaginitis, cervicitis, endometritis, ovarian disease, pelvic inflammatory disease, and so on.


2. Uterine operation leads to mechanical obstruction: Induced abortion, IUD and its removal and other uterine operations, which may cause inflammations of the fallopian tubes and then causes blockage.


3. Inappropriate sexual life: If you are having sex during your period, or if you are having sex without washing your sex organs, and if you have chronic vaginal bleeding and disease factors, you may have blockages in your fallopian tubes.


4. Complications: Abdominal surgery, appendicitis, and other complications may lead to blocked fallopian tubes. Upward infection of the bacterium that causes tuberculosis may also cause inflammation of the fallopian tubes, leading to blockage of the fallopian tubes.


5. Unhealthy living habits: Too little rest after a miscarriage leads to infertility, in addition, being sedentary, staying up late, smoking and drinking too much coffee for a long time, and frequent use of emergency contraception, may also lead to fallopian tube blockage.



If you want your fertility to be as normal as that of other women, you need to improve your lifestyle by eating a healthy diet, practicing personal hygiene, not overindulging in sex, and exercising to build up your body and immunity.


At the same time, if you are facing some challenges of gynecological inflammations, you need to be treated in time. For gynecological inflammations such as pelvic inflammation, vaginitis, and endometritis, you can take Fuyan Pill to get a cure.


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