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Knowledge About Cause And Treatment Of Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Blocked fallopian tube can lead to infertility, because it is the place where sperm and eggs are linked, which will give large chance of infertility to women. In clinical practice, the main cause of blockage of the fallopian is pelvic inflammation and endometriosis.


For endometriosis, the chance of getting fallopian tube blockage is relatively low but there is a certain possibility. Usually, when you have endometriosis, the primary symptom should be abnormal menstruation and a sharp pain in the pelvic cavity. This is because the internal genital organ has scarring tissues caused by excrescent endometrium.



When excrescent endometrium is starting to block and damage the fallopian tube, that usually means the case has become very serious. Surgery and medication is certainly needed for tissue removal. Surgery can do most of the work to remove scar tissue and excrescent endometrium while medication can prevent the scar tissue from inflammation and adhesion.


In this case, Fuyan Pill can keep your female genital organ in a healthy, protective environment to heal and kill any bacteria that may trigger the inflammation. Plus, it can eliminate the adhesion and unclog fallopian tube to relieve the pain.


Unlike endometriosis, pelvic inflammation is mainly caused by invasive organisms that enter the internal genital organs, causing inflammation directly to them and tissue surrounding it. When the inflammatory substances reach the fallopian tube, there will be a high chance of infertility.


Relatively, if patients were diagnosed with acute pelvic inflammation, the difficulty should be less than with other cases. Medication and intravenous are the main means of pelvic inflammation treatment. Herbal medicine is another effective method to restrain inflammation for the naturally produced and contains less artificially manufacturing process. Those treatments can cure most of the cases and in no need of surgery. However, there are exceptions.


Abscess that caused by pelvic inflammation, which is mostly caused by chronic pelvic inflammation. The inflammation is very serious that its tissue and discharge form a pus in the fallopian tube. With combines of medication and intravenous failure or they are not efficient enough, surgery is the last means to cure pelvic inflammation completely.



Its purpose is to keep the abscess from rupturing and causing widespread infection, protecting the patients from toxic shock. However, it is necessary to keep taking medication after the surgery to prevent any new inflammation during recovery.


Fallopian tube is normally responsible for pushing the egg to be fertilized, so its protection is very vital for female pregnancy. In most cases, blockage is mostly caused by either inflammation or endometrium tissues.


For inflammation therapy, Fuyan Pill is a herbal medicine that uses Chinese traditional and natural ingredients with decades of professional experts research to eliminate any kind of female genital inflammation. It is safe and effective, so it is a good option for you.


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