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Learn Five Kinds Of Surgical Treatment For Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Surgery is a common treatment for blocked fallopian tubes. When women have been unable to conceive for a long time because of the disease, they opt for surgery to open their fallopian tubes, allowing them to regain the ability to conceive.


But as you all know, more often than not, surgery is risky. How can a woman choose the right surgery for her? Here are five surgical treatments for you to consider.



1. Salpingostomy


Some fallopian tube orifice has been closed, and the liquid of fallopian tube endocrine is not easy to discharge, making lumen accumulated and stored a large number of liquid, called hydrosalpinx. Salpingostomy is a procedure in which a sunroof is re-opened to drain the fluid from the fallopian tube and an artificial horn is created. In addition, an opening is made at the blind end of the umbrella, so that the egg could be picked up into the fallopian tube.


2. Tubal adhesiolysis


If the outside of the fallopian tube is surrounded by adhesions, it can be cut and decomposed by laparoscopy, so that the adhesions can be separated and the fallopian tube can be freed. This method is called "tubal adhesiolysis".


3. Tubal uterine transplantation


The surgical method is to recanalization of the fallopian tubes by using microsurgical techniques. This is the removal of a blocked portion of the fallopian tube and the reimplantation of an unobstructed portion of the fallopian tube into the corner of the uterus.


4. Anastomosis of tube


If one part of the fallopian tube is blocked, it can be cut off and the healthy ends rejoined, which is a procedure called a tubal anastomosis. In addition, tubal anastomosis after ligation can be selected for tubal anastomosis.


5. Tubal interventional recanalization


Tubal interventional recanalization is to use a special catheter and guide wire from the vagina into the uterine cavity and then into the fallopian tube, appropriate back and forth to push and pull recanalization. Therefore, it has the advantages of no operation, small trauma, safety, and no hospitalization, and has gradually become the preferred method for clinical treatment of tubal obstructive infertility.


However, it should be noted that the interventional method of opening the fallopian tube interstitium belongs to the opening of the channel, and it must be paid attention to whether its function can be restored, since if it loses function, it may lead to ectopic pregnancy after surgery.


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