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Is There Real Water in Hydrosalpinx? What's the Harm?

Hydrosalpinx, blocked fallopian tubes, and tubal adhesions are all fallopian tube diseases. Approximately one-third of all women who have difficulty in giving birth are infertile due to tubal disease. Many females with fertility difficulties are full of questions about hydrosalpinx. One of the most interesting questions is: Is there water in hydrosalpinx? What's the harm?

In fact, the so-called hydrosalpinx is just a metaphor, it does not mean that there is water in the fallopian tube, it is just a water-like liquid.
The patients with hydrosalpinx are often without obvious symptoms after the onset, and there is usually no abdominal pain. When there is hydrosalpinx, the lumens of the dilated and unexpanded tubal can still communicate during this period. Therefore, many patients with hydrosalpinx often have intermittent vaginal drainage in their daily lives. Therefore, once women have this phenomenon in their daily lives, don't ignore it, as it is abnormal. Related inspections need to be carried out early.
In the case of diagnosis, relevant treatment is required. Medication is helpful for hydrosalpinx. Fuyan Pill is made of more than 50 kinds of herbs that are natural and effective. Taking Fuyan Pill will not cause side effects or drug resistance. 
Generally speaking, hydrosalpinx is mainly caused by inflammation, which can be divided into two reasons:
1. If the fallopian tube is inflamed, causing adhesion of the isthmus, fimbriae, and interstitial part, which will block the formation of empyema and expand the fallopian tube lumen. The pus cells and necrotic tissue in the lumen will be decomposed and cleared by phagocytes. It will form a water-like liquid and stay in the fallopian tube.
2. The fallopian tube is blocked due to adhesion at both ends of the lumen, so that the fluid secreted by the mucosal cells cannot be discharged and will stay in the lumen more and more, which will finally cause hydrosalpinx.
There must be a female asking at this time, will hydrosalpinx harm female conception? 
The answer is inevitable, as fallopian tube plays an important role in the process of female pregnancy.
There are two fallopian tubes, one on the left and one on the right, and they are on both sides of the uterine cavity. They are responsible for transporting the child, providing a place where sperm and egg meet and combining, and transporting the fertilized egg to the uterine cavity for implantation.
Once the blockage occurs for some reason, it may cause the sperm and egg fail to combine normally, or the fertilized egg cannot be transported to the uterine cavity for implantation. And pregnancy will naturally not be achieved.
In addition, hydrosalpinx is a veritable poisonous water, which contains tissue fragments, lymphocytes, microorganisms, toxic molecules and other components. Once refluxed into the uterine cavity, it will affect the endometrial receptivity and inhibit the normal development of embryos. Female conception is hindered.
The specific treatment method for patients with hydrosalpinx needs to be treated according to the actual situation of the patient. Generally speaking, conservative treatment is the main treatment method. TCM is a good choice for conservative treatment, such as Fuyan Pill. It is effective and without side effects. But if the problem of hydrosalpinx worsens, then the patient needs surgery. It is recommended that patients must go to a regular hospital for treatment to prevent affecting fertility.
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