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Will Blocked Fallopian Tubes Have an Effect on IVF?

The blocked fallopian tube is a big problem for women of childbearing age. Because the fallopian tube is a very important place for natural pregnancy, if it is blocked, the egg and sperm cannot meet, then the sperm egg can not be combined to form a fertilized egg. 

IVF is a choice for some women with blocked fallopian tubes. It is not necessary to pass the oviduct channel, but to put the embryo directly into the womb of the female. Therefore, blocked fallopian tubes women can choose IVF, and it is also a kind of indication of the IVF.
Will blocked fallopian tubes have an effect on IVF?
The fallopian tubes are blocked and the successful rate of IVF is between 40% and 50%. IVF surgery is mainly aimed at patients with blocked fallopian tubes. If the patient is only oviduct obstruction other than consistent conditions and age, healthy body, the successful rate is higher. 
Besides, as a couple of cells and sperm with high-quality integration, it is easier to succeed and in vitro fertilization fertilized cells developed into health, and migration to intrauterine endometrial development environment is also suitable nowhere, like this can cure IVF through treatment.
If follicle development and ovulation development are normal, then the success rate of IVF will be relatively high. Suggest to do color ultrasonic monitoring follicle to the hospital. If the follicles are developing normally, patients can get pregnant through IVF.  
The fallopian tube can be blocked after the resumption of pregnancy, but some cases can not be operated on, for example, the plug is longer or more solid can not be dredged. Another situation is that the distal water of the fallopian tube is more serious, even if the water is removed.  If patients still have fertility needs, patients can directly consider IVF as assisted reproduction.  
Other factors affecting the success rate of IVF
1. Related to patient age  
The older the patient is, the worse the ovarian function and the uterine environment are, and the lower the fertility is, and the higher the possibility of pregnancy failure is. Therefore, IVF treatment is not recommended for older patients.  
2. Related to uterine environment  
An embryo, like a living seed, must be rooted in fertile "soil" before it can take root and germinate. If the female uterine environment appears abnormal, like the unbalance thickness of the endometrium, it will affect the fertilized cell and eventually lead to IVF failure. Without a healthy uterine environment to support the embryo, it may miscarry at a later period, even if it develops successfully. 
3. Related to embryo quality  
The better the quality of the embryo, the higher the success rate of IVF naturally will be. Therefore, when the embryo is implanted, high-quality embryos must be selected to be implanted into the mother, which is also closely related to the technology of the treatment team and the professional quality of the doctors. If the team accidentally selects a weak, low-quality embryo, it will not survive and grow into a baby, even if it is successfully transferred to a uterus.  
Patients with blocked fallopian tube should decide whether they need to use IVF to help them conceive according to their own situation. Young women who have mild symptoms, better ovarian function, and eager for a baby can choose drug treatment first. Herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is a safe and effective mean. 
The female patients who have not been pregnant after fallopian tube drug or surgical treatment should go to the reproductive medicine department for examination in all aspects. Through comprehensive evaluation, the doctor can determine whether it is necessary to carry out IVF and other auxiliary means.
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