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Which Women should Check Their Fallopian Tubes When Trying to Get Pregnant?

Due to high work pressure and fast pace of life, many women have bad living habits, such as: dieting, picky eating, poor sleep or irregular eating, which is very unhealthy for women who are trying to get pregnant, and will directly affect whether they can get pregnant smoothly, and whether the baby develops normally after pregnancy. 

Every woman wants a healthy baby, so what preparations should be made in advance for pregnancy? 
1. Pre-pregnancy exam 
Healthy body is the basis of birth, so pre-pregnancy examination is essential for both husband and wife. The pre-pregnancy mother's fallopian tube is unblocked, the ovarian function is normal, the uterus is healthy, the endocrine balance is balanced, the pre-pregnancy father's sperm and semen quality reaches the standard. 
2. Measure ovulation 
During ovulation period , both partners have sex life, which is the most pregnant odds. If a woman has a fixed period, she usually ovulates on the 14th day before her next period. For women who don’t have a regular menstruation period is also a good way to use the ovulation test paper 
3. Sperm quality 
Despite the large number of sperm, they are very fragile and vulnerable to external factors, which can degrade both the quantity and quality of sperm. During pregnancy, men should eat foods that help to optimize sperm, such as deep-sea fish and shrimp, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat, and folic acidm which is also an essential supplement for men. Sperm count and quality improved will have natural pregnancy. 
4. Take folic acid 
Both couples should take folic acid when planning pregnancy to prevent neural tube abnormalities, improve sperm quality and improve pregnancy rates. 
But in real life, many women who are ready for pregnancy in the pre-pregnancy examination found that fallopian tube examination did not appear in the examination items, so many women wonder whether it is necessary to do fallopian tube screening? 
Whether the fallopian tubes need to be examined for pregnancy needs to be determined by the patient's specific situation. If the patient has no normal inflammation, no history of pelvic surgery, regardless of fallopian tube abnormalities, this situation does not need to be examined. 
But the patients have prepared for pregnancy for more than six months haven’t got pregnant. Furthermore, they have a history of pelvic surgery, leucorrhea more at ordinary times, or pain in the lower abdomen, line receives examination found annex inflammation, pelvic inflammation, highly suspicious fallopian tube blocked. The best way is to exam via oviduct fluid, and oviduct imaging examination determines whether tubal is smooth, lest cause infertility, and ectopic pregnancy. 
For some women who have had tubal ligation but want to have children, they must first have their uterus and fallopian tubes examined and then decide if they can have the operation again to regain natural fertility. 
For some long-term gynecological inflammation or a history of abortion or appendectomy history, they need mammography to confirm whether the tubal is blocked to prevent ectopic pregnancy. 
So how can these women be treated to eliminate symptoms and regain normal fertility? 
1. Medication 
some pills can induce to get pregnancy, supplement Qi and blood and other antibiotics, which can effectively kill the pathogenic bacteria, treat tubal blockage of gynecological inflammatory disease, prevent bacteria from continuing to breed. But these pills generally produce great side effects for pregnant mothers and may not be conducive to the normal development of the baby. Therefore, it is generally recommended to take a herbal medicine Fuyan Pill, which promotes the mother's digestion and metabolism, improve the body's immunity and will not produce side effects.
2. Surgical treatment 
Hysteroscopic surgery: using hysteroscopic fluid or interventional therapy dredges fallopian tubes. 
Laparoscopic surgery: removing the near and far tubal blockage, separates tubal adhesion, and improves pregnancy effect. 
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