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Will Hydrosalpinx Patients Choose a Surgery?

Hydrosalpinx is common in chronic pelvic inflammation, adnexitis and other repeated attacks, leading to inflammatory exudation and adhesion. Studies have shown that tubal causes cause 25-35% of female infertility, and hydrosalpinx reduces the success rate of IVF. 

So women with hydrosalpinx need surgery? 
In general, if hydrosalpinx occurs, patients should timely go to the hospital for gynecological B ultrasound. Patients can focus more on observation without treatment if they have no apparent symptoms and no need to give birth. And if the volume of hydrosalpinx is not large, only a small amount of fluid, patients do not have a surgical treatment. They can take anti-inflammatory drugs treatment. 
But if women need to be pregnant, and the volume of hydrosalpinx is large, and the drug treatments are ineffective, it is necessary to consider surgical treatment. 
If patients need surgery, what should they need? 
1. Salpingostomy: Salpingostomy is usually applicable to the type of female patients whose proximal end of the fallopian tube is smooth, and the distal end of the fallopian tube is stagnant and atresic. Laparoscopic umbrella end ostomy is a minimally invasive surgery. Generally speaking, the wound is relatively small and the tissue damage is relatively small. 
Therefore, the recovery period of patients is usually fast. After surgery, women may experience pain and mild abdominal distension, but their gastrointestinal function recovers more quickly in most cases. 
2. Hysteroscopy: Hysteroscopy can observe the intrauterine conditions of infertile patients with high sensitivity and specificity for intrauterine lesions directly and clearly. It can use special hysteroscopic surgical instruments for treatment and location, and sampling at the same time. Hysteroscopic myoma and polypectomy have complications such as bleeding and uterine perforation, and laparoscopic surgery can greatly improve safety. 
Are there other treatment methods besides surgery?  
1. Medication treatment. Women can choose some antibiotics like Metronidazole, Levofloxacin, and other anti-inflammatory drugs to eliminate the inflammation. And since long-term usage of antibiotics may cause some side effects, integrated natural medicine is loved by many people, like Fuyan Pill. 
It can accelerate the human body, improve human immunity, serve as a nutritional substance to keep the body function smoothly. Besides, it is a kind of natural material and has no side effects. Moreover, it can cure endometriosis, fallopian tube blockage, hydrosalpinx, and other female diseases. 
2. Physical therapy of hot compress: according to traditional Chinese medicine, women's abdominal skin is relatively thin, and subcutaneous blood vessels are abundant. When applying a hot compress, heat energy can quickly penetrate the body and promote blood circulation, thus relieving inflammation and promoting the absorption of fluids. 
Most of the hydrosalpinx is caused by inflammation. Therefore, patients can do some prevention methods in their daily life. They should pay attention to the cleanliness of their private life. They can wash their private parts with clean water regularly to prevent infection. Do not use some drugs to clean because it is likely to damage private parts and cause vaginitis. They can also do some exercise to enhance their physique and improve their immune ability.
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