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Will Abortion Lead To Blocked Fallopian Tube?

Many women cannot give birth to babies normally due to various reasons and need to undergo abortion. Abortion can cause great harm to female body. Some women have abnormal fallopian tube blockage after abortion. Will the abortion cause blocked fallopian tube?




Blocked fallopian tubes and abortion:


Generally speaking, one or two induced abortions do not have a significant adverse effect on female health, especially in early pregnancy, which can quickly recover after the abortion is suctioned by negative pressure. Although artificial abortion is a minor operation, it is not performed under direct vision. Operations such as suction and curettage can only be experienced by the feeling of the hand.


Sometimes, due to careless operation, some complications or sequelae may happen, such as blocked fallopian tubes, suction uterine insufficiency, uterine bleeding, uterine inflammation, uterine cavity adhesions, endometriosis, infertility, etc.


Abortion may lead to abnormalities in female fallopian tubes. For example, during abortion surgery, if the operation is improper or because the disinfection work is not done well, it will cause infection in the uterine cavity. In severe cases, the fallopian tubes will be involved, and both fallopian tubes will be blocked due to inflammation. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware that the abortion must be carried out in a regular hospital, and various examinations must be done before the operation.


Abortion is harmful. Whether it is a medical abortion or an artificial surgical abortion, it will cause great irritation to the normal pelvic organs and tissues, causing women to have abnormal congestion and edema, and also cause inflammatory exudation. Failure to get timely treatment will cause organ adhesions and cause abnormal fallopian tube blockage.


Artificial abortion should not be done much times, otherwise, it will have an adverse effect on health. After abortion, the physique will be bad, the recovery ability is poor, and there is no proper conditioning after the abortion, which leads to the premature aging of the gonadal-related organs and ovarian function. The poor development of follicles in the ovaries will lead to habitual abortions.


Therefore, multiple abortions will cause blockage of the fallopian tubes, even lead to female infertility. For women of childbearing age, if there is no plan to be pregnant, bu sure to take contraceptive measures to prevent the abortion from causing blocked fallopian tubes and worse consequences.



Hazards of blocked fallopian tubes:


Blocked fallopian tube is divided into primary and secondary types. Inflammation of the fallopian tube or pelvic peritoneum is the most common cause. Inflammation can lead to damage to the fallopian tube mucosa and form scars, which in turn leads to narrowing and obstruction of the fallopian tube lumen.


The common cause of inflammation is tuberculosis infection, especially among rural women. Symptoms of blocked fallopian tubes include irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, abdominal pain, excessive vaginal discharge, and infertility.


The treatment is based on oral medication or antibiotics, hydrotubation, ultrashort wave physical therapy, and surgical treatment if necessary.


For medication, herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can be used to treat blocked fallopian tubes. Fuyan Pill can keep female genital organ in a healthy, protective environment to heal and kill any bacteria that may trigger the inflammation. What’s more, it can eliminate the adhesion and unclog fallopian tube to relieve the pain.


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