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Can Blocked Fallopian Tubes Detect by Ovulation Test Paper?

Among female infertility patients, infertility caused by blocked fallopian tubes is very general. Many patients are worried that once the fallopian tube is blocked, it will affect the normal ovulation situation. It is complicated to get pregnant without ovulation. Can the ovulation test strip detect ovulation if the fallopian tube is blocked? Can the ovulation test strip detect blockage of the fallopian tube?



Can the ovulation test paper detect blocked fallopian tubes?


In clinical practice, the ovulation test paper is to detect the content of luteinizing hormone in urine. If it appears strong (+), it means that ovulation will occur after 24 hours or about 48 hours. Therefore, only the concentration of luteinizing hormone can be detected. It cannot detect whether the fallopian tube is blocked or not. 


If the fallopian tube is detected clinically, it is necessary to do a salpingography of the fallopian tube. The leucorrhea routine, blood routine, an electrocardiogram can only be done in the case of fallopian tube salpingography.


Ovulation test paper to monitor ovulation is to check the function of the ovary. Ovarian ovulation and fallopian tube is picking up eggs so that the eggs can be transported from the fallopian tube to the fallopian tube and placed on the abdomen to wait for fertilization and then to the uterine cavity through the peristalsis of the fallopian tube. Therefore, to detect whether the fallopian tube is blocked, it is necessary to do a hysterosalpingogram 3 to 7 days after the menstruation.



If the fallopian tube is blocked, can the ovulation test paper still detect ovulation?


Experts say that the eggs are discharged from the ovaries. Even if the fallopian tubes are blocked, ovulation will not be affected if the function of the ovaries is normal. Therefore, the blockage of the fallopian tubes has nothing to do with ovulation. However, the inability of the fertilized egg to enter the uterus will lead to infertility. Blockage of the fallopian tube affects the passage of sperm, hinders the combination of sperm and egg, or restricts the implantation of fertilized eggs.


Therefore, obstruction of the fallopian tube is still the leading cause of female infertility. According to the survey of female infertility, infertility caused by fallopian tube obstruction accounts for one-third of female infertility. Blocked fallopian tubes need timely treatment to avoid infertility. 


Herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can effectively treat blocked fallopian tubes and increase the chance of natural pregnancy. It can effectively improve blood micro-circulation in the female reproductive system, help the patients restore normal menstruation, effectively promote the absorption of inflammation, and reduce inflammatory exudation. It can open the blocked fallopian tubes effectively and help patients improve resistance to prevent a recurrence.



Ovulation is the responsibility of the ovaries and has nothing to do with blocked fallopian tubes.


1. It is the ovary that determines whether the egg can be eliminated normally. It is the umbrella that guides the egg into the fallopian tube, and the fallopian tube is where sperm and egg meet, combine and move back to the uterus.


2. Women can't ovulate because abnormal endocrine function leads to ovulation disorder or anovulation. In most cases, the fallopian tube blockage is the result of long-term non-healing of inflammation and infection.


3. Obstruction of the fallopian tube affects pregnancy, mainly because it affects the passage of sperm, but does not affect the ovulation of the ovary, so women can still ovulate after the fallopian tube is blocked. However, it is not possible to get pregnant after the fallopian tube is blocked.


The fallopian tube and the ovary are two independent organs. The ovary is ovulating, and the fallopian tube is where the egg and sperm are fertilized. If the fallopian tube is blocked, the egg and sperm cannot meet, and women cannot get pregnant. So even if the fallopian tube is blocked, women can still use the ovulation test paper to detect ovulation.


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