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Skipping Rope Can Treat Blocked Fallopian Tubes? Really?

Blocked fallopian tubes are one of the most frequent gynecological diseases in women, and it has a severe impact on fertility. Female eggs with blocked fallopian tubes cannot be discharged typically, so they cannot combine with fertilized eggs. Therefore, when women have blocked fallopian tubes, they must go to the hospital for examination and treatment. Many women believe that skipping rope exercises can treat blocked fallopian tubes effectively. So, is that true?



Is skipping rope useful to blocked fallopian tubes?


1. Blocked fallopian tubes are a manifestation of inflammation. This disease requires active antibacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment to restore the health of the body further. The skipping rope itself does not affect severe treatment. 


Although skipping rope can improve the body's immunity and resistance to a certain extent, it has no direct effect on the treatment of the fallopian tube. The obstruction of the fallopian tube requires corresponding anti-inflammatory treatment.


2. Skipping rope treatment is not practical for blocked fallopian tubes, unlike the treatment of calculus that can be effective treated through skipping rope; changing the location of the calculus can even discharge the calculus. Most of the blocked fallopian tubes have different degrees of adhesion, which is caused by inflammation. It can be treated by laparoscopy, salpingostomy, hysteroscopy, guidewire, etc., and it does an excellent job in later review to prevent the recurrence of adhesions.


3. Rope skipping is a physical therapy method, but tubal blockage is a gynecological inflammatory disease, so skipping rope cannot treat blocked fallopian tubes. That is to say, and when women suffer from blocked fallopian tubes, they must actively undergo antibacterial and anti-inflammatory treatments to restore their health, such as the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill. In this process, women should also notice eating habits and try to ensure balanced nutrition.



What are the causes of blocked fallopian tubes?


There are many causes of female tubes obstruction, such as vaginal inflammation, endometritis, cervicitis, ovarian disease, or tuberculosis. The infection will obstruct the fallopian tube due to the ascending of the bacteria, and the female will have an abortion. Uterine cavity operations such as intrauterine device (IUD) and IUD removal will cause inflammation of the fallopian tubes, which will cause blockage.


In daily life, women who fail to care about the menstrual period cleanliness, have unclean sex life history, and long-term vaginal bleeding can cause fallopian tubes obstruction. Moreover, unhealthy lifestyles, such as multiple sexual partners, poor daily diet and daily living habits, and sitting for a long time will cause a high incidence of fallopian tube obstruction.



Methods to treat blocked fallopian tubes:


1. Anti-inflammatory treatment. 


When women suffer from blocked fallopian tubes, it is recommended that they go to the hospital in time and take some antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs for treatment under the guidance of a doctor. Herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can be antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and effectively treat blocked fallopian tubes. In cooperating with drug treatment, women must do some aerobic exercises in peacetime, which can improve the body's immunity to a certain extent, and it is also very effective for the recovery of the disease.


2. Surgical treatment. 


Blocked fallopian tubes are generally a severe disease, so surgery is needed for treatment when a woman suffers from it. Otherwise, it will have a powerful impact on female health. In addition, women must be cautious about their diet at the beginning of the operation. Diets should be light, take more rest, and try not to walk around.


To sum up, when women have blocked fallopian tubes, skipping rope is useless. Women must go to a local regular medical institution in time, do a comprehensive physical examination under the guidance of a doctor, choose drug treatment or surgical treatment according to the severity of the condition, and in the process of cooperating with the doctor.


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