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Want Accurate Information about Blocked Fallopian Tubes Through Radiography? Mind These Steps!

Many women in life have long-term infertility. Doctors will recommend salpingography. Women want to know whether the fallopian tubes are unobstructed through a salpingogram to determine the cause of infertility. Many women hope that they will have the correct results when undergoing a salpingogram. And if women want to get accurate results when performing salpingography by themselves, women should take these precautions during the procedure.



What should be paid attention to when doing a salpingogram?


1. Choose an appropriate time.


Generally, the time for salpingogram examination should be selected within seven days after menstruation. If the examination time is too early, the endometrium in the female body is not completely repaired. It is easy for the contrast agent to enter the blood sinus during the examination. Embolism, pushing the residual menstrual blood and endometrium in the uterine cavity into the fallopian tube, can easily lead to endometriosis or endometrial infection.


2. Do related gynecological examinations.


Females must do related gynecological examinations before performing salpingogram examinations and check whether there is inflammation in their vagina and pelvis. If there is inflammation, it will easily be affected during the examination, so check the disease thoroughly if there is inflammation.


3. Prohibition of sex.


Sexual life should be prohibited for three days before the salpingogram, and sex life for two weeks should be forbidden after the salpingogram, to prevent the influence of sex on the examination, avoid bleeding to women, etc. 



4. Urinate in time.


Women should urinate in time during the salpingogram examination to avoid the presence of urine in the bladder and affect the examination results. In addition, a clean enema is required to prevent substances in the intestines from affecting the entry of the contrast agent and thus affecting the examination.


5. Keep sanitary.


When performing a salpingogram examination, women must perform aseptic operations according to the doctor's instructions and observe whether the doctor's examination equipment is hygienic to prevent all insanity from causing bacteria to enter and cause uterine and pelvic infections.


Women need to know that although salpingography is a prevalent examination, they must take precautions when doing the examination. Only by doing the above safeguards can you make their inspection results accurate and prevent the inspection from causing harm to the body. At the same time, women must be aware of some matters after the angiography check, especially sex life. After the angiography check, ban sex for two weeks to prevent infection and bleeding.


However, if the examination finds that fallopian tube blockage, different measures should be taken according to the degree of blockage. If a woman is diagnosed with a blocked fallopian tube, it can be treated with herbal medicine early, such as Fuyan Pill. Fuyan Pill has the effects of promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, diuresis, and dredging leaching, and can repair the body and improve immunity. It can also accelerate the elimination of inflammation and achieve the effect of dredging the fallopian tubes. If the condition worsens, the patient needs surgery as soon as possible.



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