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Blocked Fallopian Tube—You Can Get Pregnant Through These Treatments!

Regardless of age, every family hopes to have a healthy child. However, with the increase in life pressure, environmental pollution, or careless lifestyle, many couples experience infertility. There are many reasons for infertility. Fallopian tube blockage is one of them. 


Nowadays, many patients have fallopian tube blockage. Fallopian tube blockage significantly impacts the patient's body, leading to infertility in severe cases. Many patients are looking for various ways to treat blocked fallopian tubes. The treatment method varies depending on the location of the clogged fallopian line.



So what are the treatments for blocked fallopian tubes?


1. Medication


If the blocked fallopian tubes are caused by inflammation such as pelvic inflammatory disease, women can take the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill to cure. It is an excellent herbal medicine product that can effectively relieve inflammatory irritation, improve pain symptoms, remove blood stasis, and unclog fallopian tubes. Moreover, it is harmless, has no side effects, and plays an influential role in improving women's health.


2. Blocked fimbriae of the uterine tube


Obstruction of the fimbria of the fallopian tube is widespread. There are two general treatment methods. One is to do a laparoscopic fimbria ostomy, or women can also do an open fallopian tube fimbria ostomy. This treatment is usually to conceive naturally after the fallopian tube is dredged. There is another way to do IVF, which is used to treat tubal blockage. This treatment is rarely used because the cure rate is low and the cost is high, and it is generally infrequently used.


3. Adhesion around the fallopian tube


When the fallopian tube inflammation is severe, it will lead to adhesions. In extreme cases, it will even affect the surrounding attachments. It will cause the fallopian tube to block or the egg transport obstacles, which will lead to infertility. The primary method is to choose laparoscopic perifallopian tube adhesion separation, which can unblock the fallopian tube to a certain extent.



4. Interstitial blockage of fallopian tubes


For blockage of the tubal interstitium, X-ray tubal interventional recanalization should generally be used first. When recanalization fails, IVF treatment should be performed. Because x-ray recanalization can usually only be done once, before doing it, during the recovery period, one must be cautious throughout her life. The patient herself needs to think carefully. It satisfies the patient's desire for natural conception to the greatest extent and reduces the damage to the patient's body.


5. Fallopian tube drainage


In general, some drugs should be used for tubal drainage. It should be performed three days after the women's menstruation is clean. Dissolve some necessary drugs in normal saline, and inject them into the uterine cavity through the female fallopian tubes with a drainage catheter, once every other day, before the ovulation stop.


6. Surgical treatment


When the effect of conservative treatment on the fallopian tube obstruction is still not very good, it is necessary to consider surgical treatment. There are many surgical treatment methods. Salpingostomy, tubal anastomosis, hysterosalpingist implantation, etc., are all joint operations. The technique, the specific choice should be comprehensively selected according to the patient's condition and the blockage site.


The above is some usual treatment for blocked fallopian tubes. Once women sure that the fallopian tubes are blocked, do not worry or be negative. Actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment, the chance of cure is still very high, and infertility is reduced.


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