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Four Conditions in Women Indicating Blocked Fallopian Tubes!

The woman usually does not know that her fallopian tubes are blocked. When women have been preparing for pregnancy for a long time but do not get pregnant, they will be examined and learn that they have fallopian tubes. Women need to know more about the symptoms of blocked fallopian tubes to be detected early and treated in time to prevent infertility.


What are the symptoms of fallopian tube blockage?


1. Infertility


The most crucial symptom of tubal failure is the lack of signs of pregnancy in the long term. It is because the primary function of the fallopian tube is to transport sperm and eggs. If it is not smooth, it will lead to accidents and thus not usually get pregnant. It is because the primary function of the fallopian tube is to transport sperm and eggs.


2. Irregular menstruation


The fallopian tube is adjacent to the ovaries and may affect the function of the ovaries in case of tubal incompetence. Inflammation may cause abnormal menstruation, which may occur too often and with too much menstruation, and it is the most common. It is the irregularity of menstruation caused by the fallopian tube and the inflammation that affects the function of our ovaries.


3. Abdominal pain


Patients with tubal incompetence may experience varying degrees of abdominal pain. Generally, the discomfort is not apparent, not too strong, the waist and abdomen will feel sore and swollen, there is a clear feeling of falling. Often there will be pain on one side of the lower abdomen, excessive discharge, and back pain. The pain or exertion will be aggravated during menstruation, after sexual intercourse and exertion.


4. Bleeding


Irregular bleeding often accompanies tubal opacification. This kind of bleeding is different from menstruation. It is mostly in small amounts and the form of drops. It is accompanied by symptoms such as increased leucorrhea and a general lack of energy. It can also affect our menstruation and cause heavy periods. More severe tubal incompetence may also cause menstrual pain. It is due to the pain in the abdomen caused by the poor drainage of the blood, which becomes more pronounced the closer we get to our period.


Nowadays, due to life stress and the environment, more and more women have fallopian tubes. If the above conditions co-occur, it is recommended to seek medical attention as soon as possible to confirm the pathogenic cause for timely treatment. Suppose a woman has not had a normal pregnancy for more than a year after marriage. In that case, she should go to the hospital for a relevant examination to confirm whether the fallopian tubes are regular.


If the tubal blockage is early, medication can be used to clear the tubal. The herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is a good choice for patients. It can activate blood circulation and promote blood circulation, thus unblocking the fallopian tubes. Moreover, its main ingredients are natural herbs, which will not harm women's bodies and improve the chance of natural pregnancy. In case of severe tubal blockage, patients are advised to opt for surgical treatment. There is also the possibility that the uterus may need to be removed.


If women usually relax and face the treatment, they will cure the problem and realize the dream of becoming a mother.


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