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Can Blocked Fallopian Tubes Be Cured?

 The fallopian tube is a significant part of a woman's body. A blocked fallopian tube can affect her fertility because it is the bridge between sperm and egg, and a blockage means that sperm and egg cannot combine, causing infertility.



Can blocked fallopian tubes be cured?


Whether or not blocked fallopian tubes can be cured related to the severity of the disease. If the fallopian tube is blocked but not smooth, it can be cured. If the fallopian tube is blocked but not severely damaged, the cure rate is 90%. If the fallopian tube is completely blocked, it isn't easy to conceive naturally, even if it is successfully unblocked. 


The blocked fallopian tubes can be treated with medication, such as the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill, to avoid post-operative infections or complications from surgical treatment. Fuyan Pill does not cause side effects to the body and is not resistant to medication. It can invigorate the blood and remove blood stasis, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, and play a role in clearing heat and detoxification.


1. Fallopian tube is not open


The fallopian tube is blocked by debris, dislodged cells, or blood clots in the tube, or it may be caused by adhesions in the fallopian tube, resulting in tubal dysplasia. It can be unblocked by laparoscopy and can be cured.


2. Tubal obstruction is not serious


Tubal unblocking can be performed through combined uterine and abdominal surgery. If there is fluid in the fallopian tube, the fluid can be drained to prevent re-adhesion, and the surgical result is better with a success rate of up to 90% or more.


3. Complete blockage of fallopian tubes


It is caused by a long duration of disease, delayed treatment, or tubal tuberculosis infection. Tubal scarring, contracture, and stiffness can be generated. In severe cases, the function of the fallopian tubes is irreversible, and even if the tubes are successfully unblocked, it isn't easy to conceive naturally.


What are the causes of tubal blockage?


1. Gynecological inflammation


The blockage of fallopian tubes is related to the gynecological inflammation that is not treated in time or is not treated thoroughly. Due to long-term inflammation stimulation, the fallopian tubes become thickened and hardened, thus affecting the egg collection function and the ability to transport sperm and eggs, finally causing blockage of the fallopian tubes.


2. Abortion


Frequent abortions and wrong abortions are one of the leading causes of tubal blockage. Improper or incomplete abortions lead to other inflammatory infections in women. When various pathogenic bacteria invade one after another and spread to the pelvis and fallopian tubes, they lead to lesions in the fallopian tubes and finally cause tubal blockage.


3. Unclean sex life


The unclean sex life triggers many diseases, such as gynecological diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, etc. These diseases can cause inflammation of the fallopian tubes and cause different degrees of tubal blockage, thus affecting the ability of the fallopian tubes to transport sperm and eggs.


4. Other factors


When women are treated for diseases, such as endometriosis, appendicitis surgery, and removal of birth control rings, they can cause a secondary infection of the fallopian tubes, leading to congestion, adhesion, and blockage of the fallopian tube wall.


Through the above introduction, many women should have a better understanding of tubal blockage. Once the tubal blockage occurs, timely treatment, especially early detection, early treatment to avoid serious consequences. Women should develop good habits in daily life and avoid frequent abortions. It is vital to learn self-protection and to have good contraception when having sex to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Suppose women are unfortunate enough to suffer from a gynecological disease. In that case, they should also actively treat it to avoid the spread of inflammation and affect the normal function of the fallopian tubes.


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