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How Long Can You Have Sex After a Blocked Fallopian Tube Surgery?
Although combined hysteroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive surgery, it still takes some time to recover after the surgery. Usually, stay one month after the surgery before having intercourse. Because, after combined hysteroscopic surgery, there will be vaginal bleeding that lasts about 7-10 days. There is a risk of infection if intercourse is performed and aggravation of the condition.
The most common cause of female infertility is a tubal blockage when the fallopian tubes are blocked. When the fallopian tubes are blocked, the sperm and egg cannot meet, which will affect the woman's conception. Generally, laparoscopic unblocking can be chosen if the operation is smooth and there are no inflammatory factors. If the tubal blockage is severe due to inflammatory factors during surgery, anti-inflammatory treatment should be actively carried out after surgery.
Is the cost of tubal blockage surgery high?
The cost of treatment for patients with blocked fallopian tubes varies as the severity of the blockage is different for each individual. Generally speaking, if tubal ligation is performed, it may usually be handled on an outpatient basis. If hospitalization is required, it will be treated through a combined approach, which will cost more for treatment.
If surgery is required, the procedure includes anesthesia, surgical costs, etc., and the cost of treatment may also be a bit higher. The cost of blocked fallopian tube treatment is also related to the area of consultation, generally speaking, the price is relatively higher in first-tier cities.
The cost of tubal surgery should be determined according to the location, severity, and hospital of the blockage. Before the surgery, a relevant examination should be done to determine if there is inflammation, and if inflammation exists, the rash should be controlled before the surgery is performed.
Other treatments except surgery
In addition to surgical treatment, a tubal blockage can also be unblocked by medication. The herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is a good choice for the treatment of blocked fallopian tubes. Fuyan Pill can activate blood circulation, remove blood stasis, reduce inflammation and sterilization, and safely and effectively unblock the fallopian tubes. 
Compared to the high risk of surgical treatment, medication does not risk infection and fewer post-surgical complications. Cost-wise, medicine is also lower than surgical treatment. In addition, drug treatment also reduces the psychological burden of the patient, and the patient can be treated without hospitalization and by insisting on taking medication at home. In addition, the recurrence rate is low, and the chance of natural pregnancy can be increased after the blockage of fallopian tubes is cured by Fuyan Pill.
It is essential to pay attention to the treatment of gynecological inflammation after the cure. In addition, pay attention to the diet and rest habits, pay attention to the cleanliness of the reproductive system, prevent the infection of various pathogens, strengthen physical exercise and maintain a good state of mind, which can also control the recurrence of tubal blockage.
What kind of people is prone to get blocked fallopian tubes?
Blockage of the fallopian tube is generally susceptible in the population, and there is no particular population with the disease. Maybe some inappropriate behaviors or lifestyles can cause fallopian tube obstruction. For example, patients with a history of the pelvic disease have a higher probability of fallopian tube obstruction. 
Patients infected with tuberculosis may also cause fallopian tube disease. Women who fail to prevent contraception and have repeated abortions are more likely to suffer from pelvic inflammatory disease and fallopian tube obstruction than ordinary people.

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