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Women Must Aware 6 Tubal Blockage Triggers
The fallopian tubes play a vital role in reproduction, picking up eggs and transporting fertilized eggs. Once the fallopian tubes are blocked, it will inevitably lead to female infertility.
What are the conditions that can cause tubal blockage?

1. Pelvic adhesions
Adhesions are also known as fibrous tissues sticking together. Adhesions can occur during the normal healing process of a wound. The adhesions can cover the ovaries and the ends of the fallopian tubes, or they can stick together with other tissues and affect the normal functioning of the fallopian tubes. Most women who have had pelvic surgery will develop pelvic adhesions.
2. Perforated appendix
Women with a history of appendiceal perforation have an increased chance of damage to the fallopian tubes. Because of the proximity between the fallopian tubes and the appendix, an appendix infection can spread to the fallopian tubes and even lead to scar tissue, which can cause narrowing or blockage of the fallopian tubes.
3. Fallopian tube infection
When suffering from the tubal infection, the narrowest part of the fallopian tube and the umbrella end are prone to adhesions, resulting in the narrowing or complete closure of the lumen, which prevents sperm and eggs from meeting in the fallopian tube and eventually causes infertility in women.
4. Pelvic inflammatory disease
Suppose the pelvic inflammatory disease is not effectively treated. In that case, the opening of the fallopian tubes may be partially or wholly closed, resulting in inflammation and adhesions in the mucous membrane of the fallopian tubes. It will lead to narrowing or closing of the lumen of the tubes, affect the union of sperm and eggs or the passage of fertilized eggs, and eventually cause infertility in women. 
In addition, inflammation may spread to the pelvic peritoneum and the uterus. That will cause the pelvic and uterine tissues to harden and become inactive, causing the fallopian tubes to lose their normal peristaltic function. The tubes become complicated and twisted, and the lumen wholly blocked.
5. Sexually transmitted diseases
Sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea or non-gonorrhea genital tract infections, if not wholly cured, can invade the fallopian tubes and cause tubal blockage. The atresia usually causes this tubal blockage on the side of the fallopian tube near the ovary, which cannot pick up eggs.
6. Abortion
If women choose to have an abortion in a small clinic, they will increase the risk of infection. Once local inflammation occurs, scar tissue may be left in the fallopian tubes, leading to tubal blockage.
Women should pay attention to reproductive system cleanliness and hygiene and actively prevent various pathogenic infections. Reduce the number of abortions. Strict sterilization is necessary when taking out and placing IUDs, avoiding inappropriate uterine operations and unclean sex, and not having intercourse during menstruation. Actively treat lymphatic tuberculosis and pulmonary tuberculosis to prevent infection of pelvic tuberculosis. Once suffering from adnexal disease, it should be actively treated and controlled as soon as possible, and women should participate in more physical exercise to enhance their disease resistance.
What should women do to improve their chances of conception?
Blocked fallopian tubes can lead to a decrease in the conception rate. So to improve the conception rate, women must prevent various gynecological diseases and take measures to control them in regular times effectively. Once abnormalities are found, seek a medical examination and take steps to avoid delaying the illness. 
Many women are too nervous and anxious because it is difficult to conceive, but emotions are one of the main reasons for female conception. When emotions are unstable, endocrine disorders and hormonal abnormalities can reduce the quality of eggs, which can also lead to unsuccessful implantation of fertilized eggs and affect conception. Therefore, it is essential to maintain emotional stability and avoid excessive emotional ups and downs.
After tubal blockage, women with fertility needs are recommended to use medication. Hysterectomy can be avoided, resulting in infertility. The herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can effectively treat blocked fallopian tubes. Fuyan Pill has the effect of activating blood circulation and relieving blood stasis, which can unblock the blocked fallopian tubes and unblock the fallopian tubes. The herbal medicine is purely natural and harmless, and it can also increase the chance of natural pregnancy after cure.


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