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Can B-scan Ultrasonography Detect Hydrosalpinx?

Hydrosalpinx is mainly due to endocrine disorders, and thus water can not be discharged. The occurrence of this disease will have a particular impact on patients' life. With the development of the disease, this disease may also cause infertility problems. Thus, patients should deal with the disease in time. Before the treatment, patients need to have an accurate disease examination.

Some patients will choose B-scan ultrasonography. That is the most common method of examination. The doctor can determine the patient's fallopian tubes' position, width, and other conditions through the B-scan to decide whether the patient has hydrosalpinx. In general, if the fallopian tubes have filled fluid, it can be shown in the B-scan test.
However, B-scan cannot detect the filled fluid when the amount of fluid in the fallopian tubes is small. If this is the case, patients can also choose other examination methods when they find that they have symptoms of hydrosalpinx such as dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, abdominal pain, increased vaginal secretions, and gastrointestinal disorders. The specific exam methods are as follows.
1. Hydrotubation
The doctor can determine whether fallopian tubes are unobstructed through this examination, thus providing specific help for the follow-up treatment.
2. Salpingography
This method is more convenient and straightforward to use. Through this test, the doctor can have detailed information of the image of the fallopian tubes. At the same time, this kind of examination can also show the specific degree of lesions and is widespread.
3. Laparoscopy
Through laparoscopy, the doctor can see the image of the fimbria and surrounding more clearly to help determine whether the patient has the problem of hydrosalpinx. This method is more advanced than other exam methods, and the results are more accurate.
For females, fallopian tube problems have a significant impact on fertility. If it is determined that there is hydrosalpinx after the fallopian tube examination, it is necessary to receive treatment in time. Patients should not delay the treatment; otherwise, infertility or ectopic pregnancy will occur in the future.
1) Infertility. The function of the fallopian tubes plays a critical role in conception. It can capture the mature egg from the ovary to the abdominal cavity and provide a passage for the sperm to ascend so that the sperm meets the egg for fertilization. If the fallopian tubes are full of fluid, the sperm cannot reach the egg, resulting in an inability to conceive.
2) Ectopic pregnancy. Under normal circumstances, the fallopian tubes transport the fertilized egg to the uterine cavity through the oscillation of the cilia and the peristalsis of the smooth muscle of the fallopian tubes. But when hydrosalpinx happens, the fertilized egg can not reach the uterine cavity and stays in the fallopian tubes and grows, resulting in an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy can cause massive bleeding, shock, or even be life-threatening.
For the treatment of hydrosalpinx, surgery is the best option. The traditional surgical methods are as follows.
1. Salpingostomy
Salpingostomy is a traditional treatment method for free proximal fallopian tubes and distal fluid-filled or atresia.
2. Tubal ligation
If patients only have conventional salpingostomy, hydrosalpinx may quickly come back. That will be toxic to the embryo, affect the intrauterine environment, affect the development of the endometrium, damage the embryo's formation and implantation, and reduce the pregnancy rate. Therefore, patients with hydrosalpinx should choose tubal ligation to avoid hydrosalpinx fluid from entering the uterine cavity completely and then perform assisted reproduction.
In addition to surgical treatment, women with hydrosalpinx or other fallopian tube problems can take Fuyan Pill as an adjunctive treatment. Different from antibiotics and other medicines, Fuyan Pill is a pure natural herbal medicine with few side effects, potent anti-inflammatory and anti-bactericidal ability, and the ability to drain fluid. It is one of the excellent choices for women to treat fallopian tube disorders.
To sum up, hydrosalpinx can be detected by B-scan. Patients can also take other exam methods for early detection and early treatment to realize women's dream of having children.
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