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Do Fallopian Tubes Have to be Unblocked After Pregnancy?
According to the blockage situation, fallopian tubes can be divided into these types: open but blocked, blocked, completely blocked, and blocked with water. Therefore, treating fallopian tube blockage is early detection and treatment. So you must be wondering what causes the fallopian tubes to be blocked?
Do fallopian tubes healthy without pregnancy?
The answer is not necessarily. Fallopian tube obstruction is mainly caused by uterine cavity operation complicated by inflammation of the fallopian tubes. Still, a considerable part is also caused by other reasons: vaginitis, cervicitis, endometritis, appendicitis, tuberculosis pathogens ascending infection, menstrual intercourse, and infertility. Various factors such as clean intercourse and abdominal surgery can also cause blockage of the fallopian tubes.
Some infertile patients, who have never been pregnant, or have regular or irregular menstruation, have intercourse a few months after ovulation (other obstacles have been excluded) but have not conceived.
Do fallopian tubes have to be unblocked after pregnancy?
Uncertain! Many women think that if they have had one child, their fallopian tubes must be unobstructed, and if they want to have a second child, they will be able to go smoothly. But the thinking is wrong, and it is very common for women who have given birth to have blocked fallopian tubes.
The leading cause of blocked fallopian tubes is salpingitis. The lumen of the fallopian tube is relatively thin, and it is easy to cause adhesion and blockage after inflammation. Women of childbearing age or who have never given birth may have fallopian tube blockage.
And 80% of secondary infertility is caused by blockage of fallopian tubes, which has a lot to do with the uterine cavity operations, such as abortion, upper ring, and ring removal. Many patients have undergone abortions because they have not been pregnant for more than one year. Generally, these patients require hysterosalpingography to check whether the fallopian tubes are inflamed. Still, the patients think they have never been pregnant and will be no problems with the fallopian tubes.
It is precisely because of the previous uterine abortion that the instruments are sterilized adequately during the operation, whether those patients listen to doctors' advice, and whether they use the anti-infection and antibiotic drugs to treat after surgery. Moreover, the uncertainty of personal hygiene is more likely to lead to salpingitis and pelvic inflammatory disease. It is more likely to lead to an infection of the pelvic cavity.
Therefore, people who have had a miscarriage and have not been pregnant without contraception should first consider tubal inflammation. The most accurate method for diagnosing tubal patency is hysterosalpingography, which can determine the location of tubal obstruction and degree of patency.
If the fallopian tube is smooth, can women get pregnant?
Not necessarily; tubal drainage has a specific therapeutic effect. If the fallopian tubes have mild adhesions, the increased pressure of the fluid bolus can loosen the adhesions. Generally, the resistance gradually increases when the fluid is injected during the tubal fluid operation. Then the resistance suddenly decreases, indicating that the adhesion site of the fallopian tube is washed away by the water flow.
However, the effect of this treatment is also minimal. First of all, the judgment is inaccurate due to subjective feelings during the operation. In addition, as mentioned above, the fallopian tube allows sperm and egg to meet. In addition to its smooth structure, the functions of its muscle peristalsis and cilia swing are also essential. However, tubal fluid can only treat part of the structural obstruction of the fallopian tube and cannot solve the functional abnormalities of muscle peristalsis and ciliary swing.
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