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Is Foot Soaking Good for Blocked Fallopian Tubes?

We all know that foot soaking is an excellent way to maintain health, but is foot soaking beneficial for blocked fallopian tubes? Before we figure this out, let's figure out what the blocked fallopian tube is?

First, fallopian tube blockage is mainly caused by inflammation or other mechanical factors. It is the leading cause of female infertility, accounting for about 30% of female infertility. Fallopian tube blockage is mainly due to chronic pelvic inflammation or surgery. The main reason is a chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, primarily manifested as lower abdominal pain, pain during sexual intercourse, abnormal vaginal discharge, etc.
So are foot baths useful for blocked fallopian tubes?
Foot soaking can play an auxiliary role in dredging the fallopian tubes. Foot soaking can promote blood circulation, relieve body pressure, stimulate acupuncture points on the feet, and accelerate the body's expelling cold. But just through foot soaking to treat the blockage of fallopian tubes, it is impossible. Even if the fallopian tubes are only slightly adhered, there may be no way to dredge a woman's fallopian tubes through foot soaking at this time thoroughly. For women with severely blocked fallopian tubes, simply soaking their feet with traditional Chinese medicine may not have a special effect.
Therefore, foot soaking is auxiliary for dredging the fallopian tubes of women but useless for tubal dredging. What method can help patients to dredge their fallopian tubes?
From the point of view of western medicine, the tubal fluid operation has a specific therapeutic effect. If the fallopian tubes have mild adhesions, the increased pressure of the fluid bolus can loosen the adhesions. Generally, the resistance gradually increases when the fluid is injected during the tubal fluid operation. Then the resistance suddenly decreases, indicating that the adhesion site of the fallopian tube is washed away by the water flow.
However, the effect of this treatment is also minimal. First, the judgment is inaccurate due to subjective feelings during the operation. In addition, as mentioned above, the fallopian tube allows sperm and egg to meet. In addition to its smooth structure, its muscle peristalsis and cilia swing functions are also essential. However, tubal fluid can only treat part of the structural obstruction of the fallopian tube and cannot solve the functional abnormalities of muscle peristalsis and ciliary swing.
Herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is a pure traditional Chinese medicine formula. Clinically, it can be used for antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and pain relief, especially for women, and the symptoms of blood stasis can be significantly improved. Fuyan Pill can improve blood circulation and effectively treat gynecological diseases, such as tubal blockage, hydrosalpinx, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc.
Here are a few things to keep in mind when patients who were diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes:
First, timely anti-inflammatory treatment to eliminate inflammation.
Second, it is necessary to move more to avoid the formation of new adhesions at the site of intestinal adhesions and wounds, resulting in secondary obstruction of the fallopian tubes.
Third, pay attention to the third diet, eat a light diet, and eat less fatty food to facilitate wound healing.
Fourth, pay attention to cleaning the genitals to avoid retrograde infection and aggravation of disease symptoms.
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