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4 Impacts of Hydrosalpinx on IVF Outcomes

Hydrosalpinx affects a woman's chances of conceiving naturally. This is because hydrosalpinx occurs, indicating that female patients have tubal inflammation or chronic pelvic inflammation, which can lead to female infertility. Many patients choose IVF for assisted reproduction to get pregnant. Does hydrosalpinx affect the success rate of IVF?

According to clinical data, hydrosalpinx will affect the success rate of IVF, mainly for the following four reasons:
1. It will bring toxic effects on embryos
Based on a large number of experimental data, scientists have confirmed that hydrosalpinx has a toxic effect on embryos. Hydrosalpinx is mostly toxic empyema, which has toxic effects on embryos and affects the quality of embryos, thereby affecting the success rate of IVF.
2. It will reduce the receptivity of the endometrium
Hydrosalpinx can reduce the receptivity of the lining of the uterus to implant, which is the ability of the lining of the uterus to accept the embryo. During the implantation window in patients with hydrosalpinx, endometrial β-integrin levels decrease, which may reduce endometrial receptivity. In addition, hydrosalpinx is often caused by infection, which can cause damage to the lining of the uterus, permanently impacting embryo implantation receptivity. Therefore, hydrosalpinx reduces the receptivity of the endometrium, which in turn reduces the success rate of IVF.
3. It will interfere with the implantation of the fertilized egg
Hydrosalpinx can interfere with the embryo's implantation because if there is a large amount of hydrosalpinx present, this water may reflux into the woman's uterine cavity, changing the environment in the uterine cavity, affecting the implantation of fertilized eggs and reducing IVF success rate.
4. It will affect the ovary
In vitro fertilization requires ovulation induction drugs to obtain a certain number of mature eggs. Hydrosalpinx can compress the blood vessels of the ovary, reducing the blood supply to the ovary. It affects how the ovaries respond to ovulation-inducing drugs, slows follicle development, reduces the number of eggs obtained, and affects IVF success rates.
In conclusion, hydrosalpinx affects the success rate of IVF. Clinically, for patients with severe hydrosalpinx, doctors recommend that patients should treat hydrosalpinx before in vitro transplantation and then consider in vitro transplantation.
There are drugs and surgical methods for the treatment of hydrosalpinx. Surgical ligation of the fallopian tubes can prevent the impact of hydrosalpinx on IVF. But the surgery has risks, which may cause damage to blood vessels around the ovaries, especially for patients with severe pelvic adhesions. If the blood vessels in the fallopian tube membrane are damaged during the separation and adhesion process, it will have a certain impact on ovarian function. After tubal surgery, people should wait for the body to recover. The doctor can carry out IVF after about 1-2 months.
The use of drugs to treat hydrosalpinx is safer and more in line with women's fertility requirements. Among them, Fuyan Pill has apparent therapeutic effects. Starting from the root cause of hydrosalpinx, it can eliminate inflammation of the fallopian tubes, release adhesions around the fallopian tubes, unblock the fallopian tubes, and promote The peristalsis of the lumen of the fallopian tube causing the hydrosalpinx to gradually disappear.
In addition to cooperating with the doctor's treatment, nursing is also essential. How should the patient get adequate care?
First, the patient should pay attention to the hygiene of the vulva. Usually, the vulva can be cleaned with a gynecological cleaning solution to prevent the invasion of details.
Secondly, patients should not eat spicy and greasy food because spicy food may cause the aggravation of hydrosalpinx and even lead to hydrosalpinx suppuration. They also can't abuse painkillers to avoid worsening inflammation.
Finally, patients should maintain a cheerful mood in their daily life. They need to increase physical exercise in ordinary times.
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