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Can Someone with Blocked Fallopian Tubes Have Dysmenorrhea?

Blocked fallopian tubes generally do not cause dysmenorrhea, but it needs to be judged according to the cause of the blockage of the fallopian tubes. If the blockage of the fallopian tubes is caused by endometriosis, it may cause dysmenorrhea.

The increased secretion of prostaglandins may cause dysmenorrhea after menstruation, which leads to uterine contractions. Patients with blocked fallopian tubes usually have no apparent symptoms and will not cause increased secretion of prostaglandins. Most of them are found when they see a doctor because of infertility. Dysmenorrhea is usually not caused by blocked fallopian tubes.
If a patient with blocked fallopian tubes has an infection during the acute inflammation period, there may be symptoms of fever and lower abdominal pain. This condition may be mistaken for dysmenorrhea and may also be accompanied by increased vaginal secretions. If there is endometriosis, the fallopian tubes are blocked due to extensive adhesion of inflammation, and dysmenorrhea may occur.
If a woman has dysmenorrhea, it is often caused by other reasons than blockage of the fallopian tubes. When the symptoms of dysmenorrhea appear, it is mainly considered that there may be pelvic inflammation. Some patients are related to the intrauterine device, and some patients can be found to have problems such as adenomyosis. At this time, it is necessary to do a gynecological examination to confirm the diagnosis before the corresponding treatment can be done.
Fallopian tube blockage is generally caused by chronic tubal inflammation and pelvic inflammation. If not treated in time, it may spread to other organs, leading to complications that will significantly impact women's health and normal life.
Blocked fallopian tubes can cause infertility and can also cause ectopic pregnancy. After the occurrence of fallopian tube blockage, patients need prompt treatment. If the fallopian tube is slightly blocked, such as some clot in the fallopian tube or shedding of the uterus lining, it can be treated with tubal fluid.
If the fallopian tubes are adhered to due to inflammation, surgery is often required at this time. Laparoscopic tubal plastic surgery is now more commonly used, including tubal fimbria adhesionstomy, pelvic adhesion decomposition, and so on.
But sometimes, tubal inflammation is severe because of tubal adhesions caused by hydrops. At this time, the effect of tubal plastic surgery is not good. Doctors sometimes recommend removing the fallopian tubes and then having IVF.
The patient can also take the traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill, which can eliminate the inflammation and infection of the fallopian tubes, dredge the fallopian tubes, restore health as soon as possible, and realize the patient's fertility desire.
When there is a blockage of the fallopian tubes, it is necessary to treat it in time. In the process of treatment, patients must learn to care. Only with reasonable care will the patient be able to recover faster.
1. The patient should not walk too far and carry heavy objects. Experts suggest that holding heavy objects can cause abdominal strain, which can easily cause contractions.
2. The patient should not accumulate pressure. Mental and physical fatigue can lead to various problems, and it is easy to have a hard abdomen after accumulated stress. They had better be able to relax physically and mentally.
3. The patient should avoid standing or sitting for a long time to reduce the pain in this part. It will also help to cushion the patient's buttocks when sitting.
4. Patients should maintain an optimistic mood and develop healthy and regular living habits. They can exercise properly every day, which will help to enhance their physical fitness.
5. In terms of diet, patients can eat high-quality protein foods that benefit their health.
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