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Medicine or Surgery: What Fallopian Tube Blockage Treatments Can Benefit You? 

Now, more and more pregnant women encounter the problem of tubal blockage. So, can a woman get pregnant after the fallopian tube is blocked? And how to treat it?

I'll talk about this topic with you today.
In addition to artificial abortion, blocked fallopian tubes are mainly caused by sexually transmitted infections, such as Mycoplasma and chlamydia, the chain reaction of endometriosis, tuberculosis infection, chocolate cysts, early ovarian cysts, and other oppression of the fallopian tube.
Blocked fallopian tubes are mainly caused by inflammation, most of which is pelvic inflammation. Many specific factors are causing pelvic inflammation, of which vaginitis is quite common. Generally speaking, people with good body resistance and timely treatment will not cause congestion, but people with weak resistance need to pay special attention.
The fallopian tube, a "goblin," is the only way for sperm and eggs. Losing her temper will cause adhesion, water accumulation, and obstruction, resulting in female infertility.
What are the inspection methods for fallopian tube blockage?
Ultrasonic examination
Ultrasonic examination is a standard method for tubal obstruction. If there is hydrosalpinx, it can also be detected. These are based on whether there are thickened solution dark areas on both sides of the uterus. However, ultrasound cannot determine whether it is hydrosalpinx or an ovarian cyst.
Laparoscopy is a relatively reliable examination method. Laparoscopy can directly observe the adhesion around the fallopian tube, the adhesion position, the adhesion degree, and the anatomical relationship between the umbrella end of the fallopian tube and the ovary. It can also separate and treat the adhesion at the same time.
Salpingography is the most reliable examination method at present. It can clearly show the position, degree, and nature. And it can also identify the endometrium, the tuberculosis lesions of the fallopian tube, and the pelvic cavity. The accuracy is also very high.
Many people will ask the doctor after they find that the fallopian tube is blocked by examination: can it be cured by medicine?
If the fallopian tube problem is caused by pelvic inflammation, you can take medicine to solve it. Patients can take Fuyan pill to treat blocked fallopian tubes. It can not only effectively eliminate inflammation and tubal obstruction but also completely eradicate the cause, repair the damaged tubal, and achieve the goal of treating symptoms and signs and preventing recurrence.
Although taking medicine can give us a lot of "sense of safety" compared with surgery, if the fallopian tube has been damaged, I hope you will choose surgery for more "safety."
Check first, then operate.
Before choosing the surgical method, we usually need to check the fallopian tube (radiography) to find out the location and extent of the lesion, such as whether it is proximal or distal obstruction, whether there is water accumulation, and what causes the fallopian tube lesion. If you have had an operation, the doctor will also refer to your previous process to determine whether you must have another operation immediately.
In addition, age is also the key. For example, if the ovarian reserve function is poor, or if the man has severe oligospermia or asthenospermia, he can not undergo surgery first, and he can be conditioned with drugs for some time.
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