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Is It Ectopic Pregnancy if the Patient With Blocked Fallopian Tubes is Pregnant?

Because the blockage of fallopian tubes will lead to infertility or ectopic pregnancy, patients with blocked fallopian tubes find that they are pregnant and are very worried about ectopic pregnancy. So will the blockage of fallopian tubes definitely lead to ectopic pregnancy? The following brief section will give you a detailed explanation.

Is it ectopic pregnancy if the fallopian tube is blocked?
Obstruction of the fallopian tube will increase the probability of ectopic pregnancy, but this does not mean that the patient is an ectopic pregnancy once pregnant. The reason is that women have two fallopian tubes, and when these two tubes are blocked and seriously blocked, it will lead to infertility. If only one oviduct is blocked and the other is entirely healthy, it needs to be looked at according to the situation.
The first case is where sperm and eggs combine in the patient's healthy fallopian tube to form a fertilized egg. Since this fallopian tube is not blocked, the fertilized egg can generally enter the patient's uterine cavity and implant, so this type of patient will not have an ectopic pregnancy.
In another case, the sperm and egg combine in the blocked oviduct of the patient. The precondition here is that the oviduct is blocked but not completely closed. Otherwise, the sperm and egg will not be able to combine. Because this fallopian tube is not smooth, the fertilized egg will be blocked when walking, and, likely, it will not be able to enter the patient's uterine cavity smoothly, thus causing the patient to have an ectopic pregnancy.
It is suggested that patients with blocked fallopian tubes should be treated as soon as possible, and pregnancy preparation can avoid ectopic pregnancy caused by blocked fallopian tubes to ensure smooth fallopian tubes. Early treatment can be directly oral herbal medicine Fuyan Pill, without surgery.
Usually, when the patient's two fallopian tubes are blocked, but the blockage is not severe, it is the same as the combination of sperm and eggs in the blocked fallopian tubes. The patient may have an ectopic pregnancy, but this is not 100% probability. It can only be said that the likelihood is higher than ordinary people.
The above is a detailed introduction to whether patients with blocked fallopian tubes are necessarily ectopic pregnancy after pregnancy. Through the introduction of this article, we can know that blocked fallopian tubes will not necessarily lead to ectopic pregnancy in patients. It can only be said that the probability of ectopic pregnancy in patients will be higher than normal, especially when two fallopian tubes are blocked but not completely locked.
Therefore, patients with blocked fallopian tubes need not worry when they find pregnant. Just go to the hospital to have a check at the right time. B ultrasound can tell whether they are ectopic or intrauterine.
I wish everyone a good pregnancy!
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