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How is Salpingitis Different from Blocked Fallopian Tubes?

Salpingitis and tubal obstruction are diseases that occur on the female fallopian tubes, which may cause abdominal pain, leucorrhea, abnormal menstruation, infertility, and other symptoms in women. So how is salpingitis different from blocked fallopian tubes? Now, let's have a look!

What is salpingitis?
Salpingitis, an inflammatory disease, is caused by the infection of the female reproductive system by pathogens, which leads to inflammatory lesions in the fallopian tubes. When women's body resistance decreases, bacteria and viruses will infect the vagina, cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes, eventually causing inflammation of the tissues around the fallopian tubes or fallopian tubes. Salpingitis is divided into acute and chronic, which can lead to abdominal pain, abnormal leucorrhea, menstrual disorders, and other symptoms in women.
For patients with acute salpingitis, antibiotics are generally used for symptomatic treatment. If abdominal pain is severe, women can take some painkillers under the guidance of doctors. In addition, the patient needs to stay in bed more and pay attention to personal hygiene. The diet should be rich in protein and vitamins, light, and easy to digest.
For patients with chronic salpingitis, treatment is more complicated. Chronic salpingitis is mostly caused by the delay of illness due to the lack of good treatment in the acute stage. Traditional Chinese medicine has a unique effect on chronic salpingitis. Taking Fuyan Pill can promote blood circulation, eliminate blood stasis, and eliminate inflammation and infection. Moreover, Fuyan Pill can regulate the patient's constitution and completely cure chronic salpingitis.
What is a blocked fallopian tube?
Tubal obstruction and salpingitis are two completely different concepts. Tubal obstruction is more severe than salpingitis, and the cause is more complex. The leading causes of fallopian tube blockage are:
1. Tubal inflammation
Tubal inflammation is the leading cause of tubal obstruction. Because pelvic inflammation, suppurative peritonitis, tuberculous peritonitis, and so on affect the fallopian tubes, resulting in salpingitis.
Women with inflammatory diseases of fallopian tubes will lead to congestion, edema, adhesion, and blockage of fallopian tubes. Patients usually have no apparent symptoms. Some people may have chronic abdominal pain, abnormal leucorrhea, and other symptoms.
2. Adhesion after pelvic surgery
After female pelvic surgery, the adhesion in the pelvic cavity caused by postoperative infection will distort, deform and block the fallopian tube. In addition, some patients with tubal pregnancy who undergo plastic surgery after clearing the focus of the fallopian tube may also obstruct this side of the fallopian tube. Therefore, women had better avoid pelvic surgery. And they can choose laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery.
3. The lumen of the fallopian tube is blocked by some small mucus thrombus or clotting thrombus
This kind of obstruction is often temporary. You can dredge the fallopian tube and remove the block through ventilation, fluid, or catheter dredging of the fallopian tube.
4. Other reasons
Because of congenital abnormal development of the fallopian tube, tumor of the fallopian tube, ligation of the fallopian tube, and other reasons, women can also lead to fallopian tube blockage.
In another case, when the oviduct is filled with liquid, the spasm of the proximal end shows that this side of the oviduct is blocked. In fact, this is an illusion, not an actual blockage.
If women have the problem of fallopian tube blockage, untimely treatment will often lead to infertility. For patients with tubal obstruction who have fertility requirements, it is recommended to take Fuyan Pill. 
The above is the difference between salpingitis and blocked fallopian tubes. I hope it can help you!
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